Best Christmas getaways in Indiana

Indiana is often referred to as the treasure of the Midwest. And it is truly full of adventure and surprises, all year round. However, its enchanting qualities become especially prominent during the holiday season. Some people enjoy staying at home, reading a good book during the holidays. Others enjoy traveling as much as they can, searching for new places and new experiences. For them, Christmas holidays are a time for exploring and enjoying life to the fullest. If you belong to the latter, try visiting Indiana this holiday season. Many people flock to this state, home to some of the best Christmas destinations in the US. If you are looking for great holiday fun, here are some of the best Christmas getaways in Indiana.

Santa Claus

You can’t go wrong with a name like this, right? The very name exudes Christmas spirit. But, not only is it great during the holidays, this getaway is also Christmas-themed throughout the whole year. Aside from the Santa Claus Museum, there are two theme parks, Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari. There are also Santa’s cottages, Santa’s Candy Castle and the Santa Claus Christmas Store. There is even the Claus Village. It has specialty shops with various holiday gifts and crafts. This all makes for great holiday fun for everyone. That is why Santa Claus is among Forbes’ top Christmas destinations in the world! If you’re looking for best Christmas getaways in Indiana, nothing tops Santa Claus.

Santa Claus is one of the best Christmas getaways in Indiana
Nothing says Christmas spirit as Santa Claus


Even though it is the biggest city in Indiana, Indianapolis has managed to keep its Christmas spirit alive and well. If you have any doubts, just head on down to witness the lighting of the Circle of Lights. This includes the largest Christmas tree in the world. It takes over five thousand lights and over 50 garlands to decorate it. There are even more festivities and events that capture the holiday spirit. They make Indianapolis truly one of the best Christmas getaways in Indiana and in the entire US.

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Evansville is known for its lovely carriage rides and Christmas parades. This southern Indiana town celebrates the holidays in the best way. With its very own Santa’s Workshop, it aims to create the best possible atmosphere, enjoyable for both young and old. Almost every day in December is filled with fun events. There’s the winter carnival and the shows at Victory Theatre. There are also the tours through the Reitz Home Museum and its many rooms dedicated precisely to the holidays. Evansville is truly a perfect Christmas getaway.

Fort Wayne

During the holiday season, Fort Wayne truly blossoms into one of the best representatives of the season. You can choose between many, many events and your holiday spent there will never be boring. There is the Festival of Trees, the Night of Lights, and Santa’s Workshop. During the Festival of Gingerbread, you can try to make your own gingerbread houses while looking at (and eating) some true works of art! Families will especially love the truly special holiday atmosphere present in the second-largest city in this state. That is why Fort Wayne always finds its way among the best Christmas getaways in Indiana.

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Christmas lights on tree
Fort Wayne truly knows how to show its Christmas spirit


This is the perfect town for families and simply people who enjoy this time of year. During the holidays, Madison welcomes merry people from all over the US who come to bask in its unique Christmas feel. It is evident in the traditional Christmas parade, caroling through town, and truly spectacular lights displays. Couple that with its small-town feel, you will get a truly cozy, merry Christmas! You can even participate in Maddison’s very own Nights Before Christmas Candlelight Tour of Homes. Then you can see the truly exquisite decorations of local homes.

Additional tips for best Christmas getaways in Indiana

We have already listed some of the best choices for your Christmas holiday adventures. However, that does not mean that the list stops there. There are still some more Christmas getaways in Indiana that you would do well to check out this holiday season.

  • Carmel. It is of the best cities in the whole of Indiana to visit during the holidays, actually. During Christmas time, the entire city is showing off its plethora of lights of various shapes, sizes, and colors. It even has a great Christmas Tree in the square and a Holiday Trolley. Also, Carmel is always high up when it comes to places for families!
  • Richmond. If you want to add a more old-fashioned feel to your celebration, this is the town to be. It has an Old-Fashioned Christmas Festival and even horse-drawn carriages! You can enjoy its Gingerbread trail, the Winter Wonderland, and many other holiday activities.

Horse-drawn carriage on the street
You can take a ride in a carriage in Richmond
  • Shipshewana. This town is the home to the third-largest Amish community. It is open for tourists the entire year and it has many gift shops and other tourist necessities. However, during the holiday season, it simply turns magical. With its many festivals and events, it is truly one of the best Christmas getaways in Indiana.