Cheap apartment rentals in Indianapolis, IN

One of the most important elements in any person’s life is having a home. Not just a house, or an apartment, but a place that you can call your own. A place where you know is yours. We all need that, and that is a fact. Some like to live on their own, while others like having roommates. If you have a partner, living with them would surely be a dream come true. When you put an effort (alone or with someone), to make a place your own, then that place becomes your home. However, the location, though not the most important thing, as we just established, is still really important. Finding an apartment to rent is not a simple task, as you surely want to find the best, yet cheap apartment rentals in Indianapolis, IN.

We are here to help you with this, so we have prepared a list of best cheap apartment rentals in Indianapolis, IN that have the best of potential to be called a home. We have taken into consideration their online reviews, services, and conditions they offer and cross-checked it with their prices. Just two more things, before we begin with our top picks. Firstly, it is important that you stay open-minded when it comes to this. Checking out a potential of a home is looking for more than just what meets the eye. So, try to look behind the curtain and see what you could make out of that place. Secondly, don’t rush your move if you don’t have. It is okay to rent one of the storage units Indianapolis has, while you find a perfect new home.

Now that that is settled, let’s start with our list!

Built-in stove in the kitchen
Check every aspect of a potential home.

Spinnaker Court is first on out cheap apartment rentals in Indianapolis, IN list

Spinnaker court is a really awesome place. This Indianapolis’ residential paradise can be found to the west of 465 on 38th street. In this community, you can find several types of apartments that may suit your needs, with a special type of one and two bedroom deluxe garden apartments. They also offer a lot of various amenities. Its staff is a group of dedicated professionals whose relationship with the residents is practically on a family level while still always maintaining a professional distance.

While the staff and the establishment itself is of the highest quality, that is not all that sets Spinnaker court as one of the best apartment rentals here. It is close to a lot of interesting places. Firstly, the Medical Plaza is really close. Brownsburg, Avon and Downtown Indy are also in the vicinity. For those who like nature, Eagle Creek Park is practically behind the corner. Around 15 minutes away are the Indianapolis International Airport as well as IUPUI. A piece of useful information for families with children is the fact that Wayne Township schools can also be found in the neighborhood. Also, in the neighborhood are many restaurants and shopping centers and the I-465.

The cost of the rooms here is $475–$800.

In order to find the best, cheap apartment rentals in Indianapolis, IN, you will have to be careful
Compare all the important factors like the prices and the services they offer.

Riverbend Apartments

Next up, the Riverbend Apartments. These are a bit more expensive than Spinnaker court but are still undoubtedly among the best, cheap apartment rentals in Indianapolis, IN. Moving here should be a no brainer, so you should search for the best movers Indianapolis offers and set a moving date for this place, as you won’t regret it! Here you can rent the freshly refreshed one and two bedroom apartments, that have their own private patios and balconies. This means that you get not just an apartment but also your own private outside space. Another great thing about this place is the fact that there is a health club here. Also, there is a top-notch fitness center, and you can even take Zumba classes right here.

Another one of the numerous amenities is the fact that Riverbend Apartments are a pet-friendly establishment. There are special policies regarding pets here, but they are all rather reasonable. If you are a big sports fan then you are also in luck! Here you can dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle full on as there are racquetball and tennis courts here. Furthermore, you can always go swimming as there are also fantastic swimming pools in the community of Riverbend Apartments.

Renting an apartment here costs from $575.

Plate with food and glasses.
Indianapolis offers a lot of possibilities for a happy and fulfilled life.

Country Club Apartments

Another one of the quality cheap apartment rentals in Indianapolis, IN offers, Country Club Apartments are a really great place. The location is perfect as you can find it in the heart of Indianapolis’s South-side. If you decide to move here, you will be very close to I-65, I-70, and I-74. If you are someone who likes to be in the midst of things, then this is definitely the place for you. This is because if Country Club is in Perry Township and is thus near Greenwood. This means that you are mere minutes away from Downtown of Indianapolis. So, all of the great dining, entertainment, and shopping establishments are in your grasp. Also, Country Club is close to the Bus Line, which is always a great thing.

As a community, Country Club is a very warm place to be a part of. Staff is phenomenal and highly professional which means that you will be in great hands. Service is available 24/7 and whatever you may need to have fixed, will be dealt with quickly. Their policy concerning cats, dogs, and other pets is that they are more than welcome, so you won’t have to worry about this. You can also find several important objects on-site like a playground, a swimming pool, a laundry facility and even a couple of very nice picnic areas.

The price of apartments here is from $496 upwards.

Final note

Remember to always have patience and to approach things with a positive attitude. A person’s mindset is really important, especially when looking for a new home. Do your best to imagine what your potential home could be like, not what it is like right now.