How to cope with homesickness?

Your move is done. you’re in your new place. But you get this nagging feeling. A longing for the old home you moved out of. Maybe it was an old apartment you really liked. Maybe it was your parent’s place. Or maybe you’ve moved to a different country altogether. Whatever it may be, homesickness is only natural. But that doesn’t make it any easier. So, how do you cope with homesickness? Read on to find out.

First step – recognizing homesickness

Like with anything in human psychology, recognizing the issue is the first step to overcoming it. And it’s no different with being homesick. This sensation may not be as apparent as you might think. Yes, it can manifest quite obviously, missing a certain place, group of people or even food from your home country. But it can also manifest as dissatisfaction. You may be grumpy or judgmental of the people in your new area without any apparent cause. You might feel anxious, sad or even nervous without knowing where these feelings stem from. Depending on the individual, even your productiveness may suffer.

Person holding a paper with a frowny face.
Homesickness can leave us feeling down and sad.

These are all symptoms of feeling homesick. And they stem from a common root. All of us have a need to feel loved and secure, feelings that we closely tie to the place we call home. Once we distance ourselves from that place, we need a time of adjustment to being away from such security. Identifying that as the cause of your feelings, will help you, however. Not only will you be on the right path to overcome feeling homesick, but you’ll also be able to take action to mitigate it.

What you can do to cope with homesickness

Alright, now that you’ve identified feeling homesick its time for step two. And that is taking a proactive stance to reduce homesickness. Here are some things you can do to help yourself feel better:

Keep in touch

One of the issues homesick people report having is feeling like their friends and family have moved on without them. As you move away and leave your old relationships, the people you had them with will naturally go on with their lives. But this doesn’t mean you are excluded. Just talking to your friends and family back home will do wonders for you to cope with homesickness. Keeping in touch has never been easier in this era of internet and connectivity.  Use this technological advancement to your favor.

Person holding a smartphone
Social media can help you stay in touch with your loved ones and cope with homesickness.

Keeping items that remind you of home

While every move is a chance to reduce the clutter, some items that you may not need can have emotional value. However, this doesn’t mean you should stock your new house full of old items from your home and be afraid to make any changes. Keep a balance of the old and the new, to help yourself cope with homesickness. And if you need to change out some of your old items that have an emotional value, but you can’t keep them in your new home, you don’t have to throw them away right off. Consider taking a storage unit. You can find a lot of different storage units Indianapolis, to store your old items for some time. Then as the homesickness starts to fade you can take a look at them with a clear mind and decide what you really want to keep.


Now, this tip is a kicker. Doing exercise is one of the simplest ways you can keep your mind positive. It’s simple chemistry. Exercising will raise the serotonin levels in your brain leaving you feeling better. Also, it can help regulate adrenaline levels which, among other things, has an impact on stress. Finally, regular exercise is healthy for your whole body, so even if you didn’t have a habit of doing it, using it to cope with homesickness may introduce a new healthy habit to your daily routine. It’s a win-win.

Serotonin gained from exercising with help you cope with homesickness.
Exercise to get your serotonin levels up.

Keep some of your old habits

Humans love routine. it is one of the things that make us feel secure. So keeping up with some of your old habits from back home may get you accustomed to your new surroundings faster. If you’re a religious person, consider maintaining your religious habits in your new surrounding. Visiting your place of worship in the new area might leave you feeling better. Also, keep doing some of the things you liked doing back home. Whether it’s a hobby, shopping or anything really, maintaining that old routine will help you out.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Homesickness can bring with it a lack of motivation. You might feel sluggish or even depressed. But its very important that you don’t be too hard on yourself. All of us feel homesickness. It’s only natural. It’s not a weakness, so don t consider it as such and beat yourself up over it. Adding guilt to the mix won’t help you cope with homesickness at all.

Get out of your comfort zone

Maybe the hardest point to start doing on this list is moving out of your comfort zone. Lacking the security of home and heading out into new situations may cause social anxiety. That is precisely why you should face it head-on. Meet new people, discover new places. All these will slowly become part of your new life. Soon you’ll be heading down to your favorite local cafe with your new friends, and they will start being a part of your life. That way, you will build a new secure area for yourself. And that’s what home is.

Reduce the moving stress

One of the contributing factors to homesickness can be stress. Feeling tired and stressed out about moving can be mitigated by getting professional movers help from companies like movers Indianapolis. With professionals handling your move, you can focus on staying positive, and that is one of the more important steps in coping with homesickness.

Overcoming homesickness

Now that we’ve gone over various ways you can cope with homesickness, its time to get to work. Give yourself time and take it slow at first. As you slowly get into new routines, you will find that you miss home less and less. That doesn’t mean it will lose its place in your heart for good. Only that you will form another place to love and function in. And that is both healthy and natural. you can always love your old home, as well as grow to love your new one. Stay strong, you can do it.