How to meet new neighbors?

Finally, your move is done. All that packing and unpacking move-related stress, it’s all over. Now it’s time to start your new life. However, chances are, you weren’t able to pack up your friends and bring them with. Especially if you just moved to a new town. So its soon going to be time to start rebuilding your social life as well. And where better to start than to meet new neighbors. After all, they are the people in your immediate vicinity. If anyone is gonna know the day to day details of your new neighborhood, like when to take out the trash or what are some good eating places in the vicinity, it’s going to be them. Even if you relocated just a few blocks away from your old friends, meeting your new neighbors will do you good. So let’s just jump right into it.

Introduce yourself

It’s that simple! Just come up to their door and say hi! Unless your new neighbors are very social people chances are they won’t initiate the first contact. Which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Don’t even stress about it, its quite common for new neighbors to introduce themselves when they come to a new area. So leave that social anxiety at the door, and just go out and meet the people.

A person writing a"hello" on a small blackboard
There’s no better way to meet new neighbors than walking up and saying hi!

If you are on a more social side there are also a few things you can do to start off on the right foot:

Know the local culture

Go online and do some research, knowing the local customs will certainly give you an upper hand. For example, if you’re moving to Chicago, you will notice that people there are very forthcoming. They have a habit of calling people by their first name right off, and if you do the same you will avoid creating a too formal atmosphere. If you are moving to an ethnic neighborhood, you should research the customs of the predominant culture there. Generally, expats tend to be much friendlier to people who know their ways. Learning a few words, like greetings, goodbyes, and thank-yous is also a great idea. Its gonna give you a head start in relations when you go to meet new neighbors in your area. Also, it will expand your general knowledge. So it’s a win-win!

Bake some goodies

Who doesn’t like a nice treat? Bringing some goodies that you baked yourself when you come to meet your new neighbors will surely get them to like you right off. Even the grumpiest person wouldn’t refuse a nice gift of freshly made of cookies. Not to mention the more open-minded people. Invest some time in packing them up, to get that extra effect. You can visit your local crafts store and get some ribbons and a nice bag to make your new gift more presentable. Or you can offer them straight from the tray. There’s no wrong way to go when giving out treats! Even if you simply go out and buy some it’s still going to get you that relations boost when you go to meet new neighbors.

A plate of cookies, which can be a great ally when you go to meet new neighbors.
Who doesn’t like a nice gift of sweets?

Throw a party

Now, this is what we call an icebreaker. Throw a housewarming party and invite your neighbors. It is a simple way of becoming a part of the community.  Those that show up are going to be the more sociable kind. Those are the people you will make a connection with the easiest, who in turn might introduce you to some of the more shy ones. It doesn’t have to be too grand, but having some drinks and food will easily warm your new neighbors up for you. Just don’t stress too much about this. Even if you are too socially awkward to knock on their doors to invite them, you can always form invitations. Just write something along the lines of:

“ Hi! I/We are new to the neighborhood and we would love if I/we could make your acquaintance. So I/we would like to invite you to come by [your address details] at [designated time] on [designated date] for a casual gathering. Refreshments will be provided. Looking forward to seeing you there!”

Then you can print it and slip it under their door or in their mail. Just do it ahead of time to give them leeway to plan their activities accordingly. And once they arrive, you can ask questions about your new neighborhood to break the ice. Things like, what’s the neighborhood like, and what are some good places to visit, are nice ice-breakers to get the people to start talking. Especially the latter. Not only will it give you relevant info, but it will also tell you about what your neighbors are like. If you find that you share some interests, you might have just found your new friends!

A group of people having a toast.
A nice party will surely put you on the right track with your neighbors.

Having the right movers will benefit you when you meet new neighbors.

Every move includes a dose of hustle and bustle. There’s bound to be noise, and movers walking around, so finding a right moving company, like residential movers Mishawaka, will help you out when meeting new neighbors. Just imagine your mover trampling all over your neighbors’ flower bed. Or waking them up with move-related noise. That’s surely not going to help you start healthy relations with them. However doing a bit of research and finding professional movers that will do the job right, will have the opposite effect! Imagine a new family moving to your area and doing it in a very tidy way. No one wakes you up in the morning. No disturbed lawns. Just a clean move. You’d be positively disposed towards your new neighbors. Who wouldn’t? So invest a bit of your time in research and you too can reap that relations benefit.

Enjoy it!

Even if you are moving to the other side of the country, don’t despair. Follow these tips when you meet new neighbors and you’ll be on the right track to finding some friends in your vicinity. And even if you don’t find that you have too much in common with your neighbors, you will always have someone to rely on. Be it taking care of your pets or plants while you are away or informing you about things in your area. It will mean a lot to you, take our word for it.