How to promote your yard sale online

There is one common fact about every kind of move, long distance, short distance, rushed or planned well ahead and that is: the move is the perfect time to de-clutter. You can go about doing it in different ways, donating or gifting items. Or you could organize a yard sale. And if you want it to really succeed, you might want to promote your yard sale online.  As years of living in one place go by we all start piling up various items we may not need. It might be an ugly vase you got from a family member for Christmas and you just couldn’t throw it away or an old piece of clothing that really doesn’t fit your style anymore, you just forgot about it. When the time to move comes all these excess items will be a strain on both your time and budget.

Planner and calculator on a desk. Promote your yard sale online to make sure you sell all excess items you don't need
Packing and shipping items you don’t need will be a strain on your schedule and budget – one you can avoid!

After all, they also need to be packed just like anything else. Precisely that is the reason why it smart to de-clutter before the move.  Now, to make the best of your sale you should invest a little time into marketing. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can spend minimal time on this if you promote your yard sale online, however, there are a few tricks to it that you should know. And that’s what we’re here to talk about.

Promote your yard sale online for free

If the money is tight you can promote your yard sale online without any added costs. Depending on the time you’re willing to spend on it, we could categorize them into three categories. Here they are:

The least time-intensive

If you’re in a rush and don’t have too much time to organize an elaborate marketing campaign four your yard sale, you will want to go with this option. Basically, make an ad-like message and post it on your social media. It should be clear because people don’t like spending too much time reading into a post to see if they’re interested.  Just like when meeting people first contact matters a lot. So keep it concise at the beginning and leave the details either out or for lower in the message. Here’s a little form we compiled to help you along:

Where: [your location here]
When: [your chosen date and time here]!

It is my pleasure to invite you to my yard sale on [date here] at [time here]. Come hang out and check out what’s on sale. See you there!”

While the pro’s of this option is that it takes up the least of your time, the con is that you have limited control over who gets to see your message. Unless posted at peak hours there is a high chance it might go unnoticed by someone who actually might be interested.

The balanced approach

This is the middle point between time spent and people reached.  You will spend a bit more time, but on the other hand, you will be able to reach a much wider scope of people. When moving to Chicago we were faced with an issue. Due to unforeseen circumstances in a short period of time, a lot of new time-consuming obligations arose, while we had everything ready for a great yard sale that was going to de-clutter our inventory significantly. Not wanting to leave it to chance, but still lacking the time to organize anything more elaborate we simply made a few events on social media and a message template for things like Viber and WhatsApp and sent it to all our friends. The sale was a success and thus we can recommend the same approach to you.

Smartphone with social media icons on it.
Promote your yard sale online and on social media to draw in the most buyers.

The pro’s of making an event on platforms like Facebook is that you can invite precisely the people you think would be interested. Also, you can take photos of the things you’re selling. This way the people coming to your sale can set their eyes on a certain item before it even starts. That way someone who might not have come, could set aside the time for getting that one item they liked. It’s not all pro’s though. Making an event and sending the message can be ill-received by some of your contacts as it can feel a bit like aggressive marketing.

The most time consuming

Finally, you can go all out on marketing without actually paying for any of it. Especially if you are an artsy type and know how to use certain programs on your computer like Photoshop. You can make a poster using royalty-free images you found online and adding your custom text. Or take photos of the items you’re selling and make a catalog. Then create events and post it on social media. Apart from that you can head on to other frequented websites like Reddit, craigslist or even 9gag and promote your yard sale there. You can even make a YouTube video! The pro for this approach is that you’ll reach the most people you can, but that is also kind of its con. With so many strangers reached you can’t know what kind of people will be coming to your sale.  Another con is the time it takes to organize.

Paying to promote your yard sale online

Finally, you can do it like professionals do and have a paid service to promote your yard sale online. Chicago movers that helped with our move told us about more and more people taking this approach when organizing a yard sale. Many social media platforms have options to pay a certain sum to have your event promoted to the scope of people you chose. Just like a traditional add. There are also social media marketing agents you could hire. While this approach will mean you will reach the most people you can, while having control over which groups see it, it still costs money. So it boils down to deciding if you think you will make enough money on the sale to make it worthwhile to spend some money first to promote it online.

A smartphone and a laptop
Paying for adds on social media platforms does cost money, but also boost the number of people you can reach.

Deciding on how to promote your yard sale online

That is the basic rundown of how you can promote your yard sale online. Now it’s up to you to decide which type fits your needs the best. Just remember to not hold on too tight to every knick-knack you have in your home. Just make it easier on yourself by reducing the clutter. When the move day comes you will be glad to have fewer items to pack. And the little money on the side from the sale doesn’t hurt either!