How to recognize fake online moving reviews

Whenever hiring a moving company, make sure you always do your own research. There are many companies that you can check online, such as Indiana moving and storage companies. And part of this research includes using the internet and taking a look at some reviews. Obviously, hearing from actual clients is a great way to check the moving company. You can have an inside view on how the company operates and the type of service you should expect. But the problem is that in every large industry there are scammers. So how to know if the review is real or fake? Here are some useful tips to spot fake moving reviews.

Overly descriptive review

In a real review, an actual customer will simply focus on the good or bad points of their moving experience.  Imagine if you were that customer. Nobody has time to write an essay about moving company. What inspires us to write a review are either a good experience either a bad one. Because, when we have either of that, we want to warn potential customers or give them a recommendation. Or maybe to compare moving companies we used. People mostly give a few details about why they really liked or didn’t like the particular moving company. Hence, if reviews are overly descriptive, there is a good chance we are talking about fake online moving reviews. In many cases, it could be actually written by the company itself. A review that sounds more like a book or a story, describing every single step of the process should be a red flag.

How to recognize fake online moving reviews, sit on bed and use your laptop.
Make research and beware the scams.

Too-good-to-be-true review

It’s all about the attitude. Too positive and overwhelming reviews about movers should ring your bells. This is another indication that they could be fake online moving reviews. Remember, there is no such thing as the perfect moving company. ”It’s cheap, movers are your best friends and they offer premium quality service”, does this sound real to you? If the reviews are completely praising every aspect of the moving company without saying even one thing that could have been just a bit better, chances are this is a scam. They may even try to make some unverifiable claims like this company has all of the services anyone will ever want. There are loyal and experienced movers for sure, but in order to avoid fake online moving reviews better stay on the ground. Have in mind that there are people who would write anything for money.

Overly negative reviews

If a review is completely destroying the moving company, chances are that it is fake. There is also a chance that the reviewer is exaggerating to make their point. They may have had a bad experience with the company, but for sure, not everything went wrong. Also, there is a possibility is that the review was actually written by a competitive only interested in scary away new potential customers. There are rogue movers who are trying to corrupt other companies’ reputation. And there are fraud moving companies who would go too far for a 5-star rating. Our recommendation is to stay away from too many negative reviews, just in case.

Use typing machine to spot fake online moving reviews.
If the review sounds like a story, it’s probably fake.

How to recognize fake online moving reviews

  • Keep in mind that the suspiciously cheap moving companies are usually not the ones with the best service. If you find both of these statements in the same review, that is a red flag.
  • When reading reviews about moving companies, be cautious about generalized reviews. Most of them are too long and say too much, but nothing essential at the end. Often these reviews turn out to be fake online moving reviews.
  • Irrelevant reviews are also usually fake online moving reviews. You will recognize them since they are mostly off the topic. At first sight, they might seem to be relevant, but in the end, their only aim is to promote other moving company services. Also, they usually post links to other movers.
  • Pay attention to the styles and common words used can help you identify the fake reviews about moving companies from the real testimonials. If you find several similar reviews or you spot the same phrases and sentences, there is a great chance they are written by the same person.
  • Remember to check the date the reviews are posted. If you see a negative review and a lot of positive reviews in a matter of days after, that’s another red flag. Having a lot of reviews on a specific date, or a range of 2-3 days, and then not having a single review for weeks or months is really suspicious.
  • Beware the promotional reviews. At first, they may seem like relevant content. But if you notice that they are too pushy or that there are some unusual referrals to some other companies, you should know that they are just using the opportunity for promotion.
How to recognize fake online moving reviews by putting a question mark on every one of them.
Be suspicious and read between the lines.

Think twice, hire once

The most important decision you need to make beside your next location is the moving company you will hire. When moving home to Indianapolis, it is really important that you can rely on your movers. A good moving company can make your moving experience exceptional. Similarly, the bad one can destroy it.

With this in mind, remember not to trust everything you read online. Because the outcome of the move depends on the background check you run on the moving companies. It’s true, it requires quite some time, but it’s worthwhile in the long run. Read as many reviews as you can. Once you eliminate suspicious and fake online moving reviews, it will be easier for you to choose the one that will deliver good results. Learn how to read between lines and try not to fall for the first dazzling offer you get. Additionally, once your move is over, take the time to summarize your experience in a couple of sentences and share your review with other people. Remember how much it meant to you!