How to Write a Review for a Moving Company

If you have moved recently, it is likely that you did a bit of research on the Internet beforehand. Let’s face it, we turn to the Internet even for the smallest things, let alone for something as important as a moving company. And now that the process is over, you may have realized that you can help others. Reviews can be extremely useful and it is important to write a good one.  A well-written review can help someone who is looking for the right mover find their perfect match. And don’t think this is unimportant. Research shows that many people tend to trust online reviews as much as their friends. That is why it is vital to know how to write a review. Remember, someone reading will use your words to find a perfect mover! So, here are some tips on how to write a review for a moving company.

Write about the basic information first

First, of course, you should include the name of the company. Add the details about the move. For instance, the size of the move and the relocation distance are one of the first things you should include. If you feel uncomfortable sharing the exact location, use approximate values. Just note whether it was an interstate move, a local move or an international relocation. That way, the people who read the review will know right away if this applies to them. Another thing you can include is the cost of the move.

Trucks on road
Write about the details of the move.

Also, try to rate your experience in the first part. When you write a review for a moving company, most people expect to see this type of information. If you do this at the beginning, then the reader will know whether you were mainly satisfied or not. In addition, this is something that helps us all choose faster. After all, you would choose the moving company with a high amount of good ratings, right? Some teams, such as movers Michigan City, have held a high standard of moving for quite some time. And that resonates with their customers. With their perfect ratings, you will know for sure that they are a good choice!

Include your impression

Secondly, you should write about your personal impression. Write about your first contact with them, and whether anything changed afterward. Include their approach to customer service. For instance, it is good to include whether they provided their legal and contact information readily. If a company fails to do this even when asked, you are probably dealing with a scammer. Write about the company’s responses to your questions. Once again, good moving companies will always answer any questions you might have. It is also good if the company gave you useful advice on some facets of the move. This is not something that all companies do, but this is what separates the good from the bad. That is why it is important to include your impressions when you try to write a review for a moving company.

How to write a review for a moving company
Include your personal impression of the movers.

Talk about the services

If you used any special services of the company, write about them. For example, whether you used their packing service, whether they disassembled your furniture for you, etc. It is also useful to include whether you need storage services. People who need storage services need that tidbit of information. Then try to evaluate the work of the company. Take note, when you write a review for a moving company, it is important to be as honest as possible. If something about the services was not right, you should include that. Even if the service was carried out perfectly, include that.

Your overall experience will certainly help someone down the line. You should include all aspects of your moving experience, the good and the bad. Even if the service was perfect, you should note that. For instance, if you used storage units Michigan City, you know that their service is usually impeccable. However, that does not mean that you should just forego this part of your review. Remember, it is usually the companies with a lot of good reviews that will attract more attention. And it is good to pinpoint the good ones from the very start.

Person holding thumb up.
Write about the good and the bad.

Additional tips on how to write a review for a moving company

If you have included the first three steps, you more or less have everything covered. However, there are some additional things that you can include to make your review even more helpful. Here are some of the questions you may need to answer when you want to write a review fora moving company:

  • Were the movers punctual? It is a sign of a good company when everything is done on the agreed time. Lateness, especially in a business environment, betrays a lack of consideration which is completely unacceptable precisely in that sphere. Therefore, if you have had a problem in that regard, write about it. Many people can’t stand tardiness and will find your review truly useful.
  • Were there any unforeseen circumstances? Were they dealt with properly? Let’s face it, many, and we mean many things can go wrong when you are moving. Whether it is a short or a long distance move, there is always chance that something unpredictable will rear its ugly head. An experienced moving company will, however, know how to deal with such things. Also, this is where you note if there were any unforeseen costs or any misunderstandings with your chosen company. Talk about any possible damage to your belongings and the company’s reimbursement policy.
  • Were you satisfied with the overall service? This is a good place to summarize your overall experience. Write about whether you would recommend that particular moving company to a friend and why. It does not have to be long, just a brief summary. This serves to let future readers know whether you are, in general, satisfied with the moving services.