Movers Indianapolis

Movers Indianapolis

If you’re looking for reliable movers Indianapolis has to offer, then you’re in the right place. Our company not only has a history of high-quality service in different areas, but we also pride ourselves on our ability to meet deadlines. We’re based in Mishawaka, on the northern slopes of Indiana, however, our services do not end there. Moving is a big, stressful event, and you need professional movers when you’re moving to Indianapolis – or, indeed, anywhere else.

Indianapolis is a big place, even by US standards. It is very difficult to satisfy all the customers and be the best in such a large market, but we have succeeded due to a wide array of high-quality services that we offer. Let’s review some of the services that we, as the best movers Indianapolis, have to offer:

Our long distance movers Indianapolis are here to do things that no one else can

Long distance moving is arguably the staple of our services. But before we define what long distance movers Indianapolis do, let’s review what long distance moving actually is. First and foremost, long distance moving is a form of moving characterized by a great distance between the original place of the client and his or her destination. Generally speaking, long distance moving can be divided into several categories:

Ports and docks are one of the many types of movers are long distance movers Indianapolis
Expert movers Indianapolis do not only offer long distance moving as an option – that is also the case with us.
  • Freight relocation – usually done through a container which is carried by ship;
  • Airplane relocation – generally involves carrying one’s inventory by plane;
  • Land transportation – done through truck or van.

Keep in mind that these are the methods of inventory transportation. There are other criteria to define it. For instance, what is being moved is a good criterion. So, let’s talk a little bit about classification, shall we?

There are a number of ways to classify moving

Unfortunately, we do not offer intergalactic moving (yet!). However, the picture above is a good display of our portfolio. As you can see, we offer different types of moving which we tailor perfectly to suit our customer’s needs. There are different sorts of services movers Indianapolis have to offer, but very few of them actually have the diversity and the scope that we do. Indianapolis moving services are indeed wide and varied, and, for this reason, we cover them all. Now, let’s get into the specifics…

Moving to Indianapolis often requires lugging heavy furniture

Indianapolis moving services often requires professional skill. Now, we realize that you may think that moving heavy stuff requires nothing more than a strong back and some willpower, but we also wish it was that easy. You see, the first that it requires is careful planning. Careful planning means fewer incidents. For that reason, furniture movers Indianapolis always make sure that they follow safety procedures. Special precautions must be taken in the following situations:

Your local movers Indianapolis will move heavy things such as these pieces of furniture.
It would be great if your local movers Indianapolis could move these things for you, don’t you agree?
  • One example is moving wardrobes down the stairs – especially if they’re full!
  • Another one is moving beds – a strained back is not the only danger awaiting our employees.
  • Moving tables – Not as dangerous as the two above, however, tables do easily break.

For this reason, we’re the type of Indiana movers that will not compromise the safety of our clients and our employees.

The packaging services are also part of the deal

The moving industry is not only about going from one place to another. It also includes packaging services, which are of crucial and utmost importance to the day-to-day running of a moving business. As the best movers Indianapolis has to offer, we give our clients packaging services. Packing services Indianapolis includes stuff such as:

  • Careful and deliberate packing of items of special importance (something we’ll mention in further detail later);
  • Ensuring that, while packaged, your items remain safe;
  • Labeling boxes so we don’t create a confusion upon our arrival.
You should keep your house orderly during the move - or ask your movers Indianapolis for help in doing so.
Keeping a state of order during the moving process is integral for an efficient move.

Our packing services Indianapolis are also crucial to your move for one simple reason only – it makes your move cheaper, faster and safer. As we are one of the best movers Indianapolis has to offer, we have to tell you that moving without packaging – good, high-quality packaging material, actually – is virtually impossible for anyone to do. Imagine having a porcelain set that needs protection. You’re not quite sure how you can handle it, so you:

  • Categorize these items (plates, silverware, etc);
  • Wrap them in old papers;
  • Wrap them again in plastic foil;
  • After you’re done, you put old clothes as a buffer;
  • Finally, you place them into boxes.

Does it sound overly complex? That’s because it is. You can do it for the sake of some extra cost-cutting, but it is indeed better for you to call your local movers Indianapolis and make sure that they are well protected without going through all the stupendous effort yourself.

And don’t forget about labeling the boxes

We’ve talked about the immense significance of packaging, now let’s switch to something that seems so minor, that many moving companies do not even mention it. However, we, as your local movers Indianapolis, think otherwise, and let’s delve a bit into why.

The theory is that you place your stuff in boxes, haul them into a vehicle of your own choosing, and move them all the way to your new home. Sounds simple enough. However, your vehicle of choice may be a very bumpy truck. You could have porcelain vases inside, which, as you well know, are prone to breaking. Now, you’ve packed everything, but you don’t know which of your boxes contains your precious porcelain vase, for all boxes look pretty much the same. That is, indeed, the nature of boxes. The simple solution to this is labeling. Your movers Indianapolis will tell you that in their company, labeling is a common and necessary practice to keep every part of the moving process in its place.

Your movers Indianapolis will tell you that you should label the boxes properly so they don't go chaotic.
As your movers Indianapolis will tell you, you shouldn’t let your moving descend into chaos. Label the boxes properly.

If you’re, for example, moving to Indianapolis from a faraway place, you’ll eventually notice that once you get there, you will have a really hard time telling what’s inside each box. For that reason, labeling is key to long distance moving.

Our Indianapolis moving services also includes storage

As we may have mentioned, moving is a booming industry in the US. Storage also. However, storage is the very opposite of moving – things are standing in place instead of moving from one spot to another. So how did these two industries come together into something of an interstate network? Out of necessity, of course! Industries arise organically where there is demand for them – the demand is the gap that the supply must fill.

After people figured out that sometimes, during their moving, they need their stuff stored somewhere, some other people figured out that they might do it for them. And who would be better to do it than the moving companies themselves? Then come the boons, such as the industry expansion. Moving companies Indianapolis have also caught wind of such tidings, and now they also provide services in Indianapolis and around to their customers.

We, as your friendly local movers Mishawaka, we offer storage all across Indiana. What is it, then, that makes our storage better than all the others? Well, there are several key aspects to it…

You can choose what kind of storage do you want

The thing is, if we can reach an agreement, it’s doable. There’s no uniform code of services that we offer. This is due to a wide variety of our customers’ needs. For example, we have customers who want extremely tight and rigid storage regulation. They want us to check on their belongings every other day. They want us to maintain the stuff inside. Of course, that’s no problem.

Moving companies in Indianopolis offer the most varying kinds of storage services.
As your local movers Indianapolis, we offer all sorts of different storage units.

However, there are also more lax types of customers – not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you. They generally want to leave the stuff there until they’re ready to reclaim it themselves. Some of them even take the key with them. The thing is, we offer a fully customized storage service, and the best storage units Indianapolis has to offer.

So, what are the advantages that keep us in business?

  • Storage service Indianopolis is best when done by professionals such as us.
    Do not waste time on unreliable storage companies – contact your movers Indianapolis.

    Regulated conditions. For one, we regulate the temperature inside our storage units, as well as humidity, sunlight, and all the other atmospheric conditions. For example, if you’re storing fine arts, such as paintings, we will let you know that prolonged exposure to sunlight can bleach your painting. Covering the painting is sometimes not enough, so we must keep it away from sunlight;

  • Constant monitoring. Some of our clients do not want monitoring at all, and that’s okay. But, for those who do, we monitor their belongings 24/7. Why is monitoring sometimes needed? And no – it’s not thieves. We catch those pretty easily. It’s insects. The problem with insects is that they find a way even through best-sealed containers, seeing as it is their nature, after all, to nest in dark places. However, they cause great damage while doing so. For this reason, additional protective measures must sometimes be undertaken, as is the case with, for example, clothes;
  • Routine maintenance. Let’s say you’re dropping off some machinery with us. While we cannot maintain your machinery for you, we can at least make sure that it doesn’t come to any harm. For example, you probably know that moisture in the air can damage timing belts. For that reason, we can do checkups on the humidity levels inside our storage so as not to put it at further risk. Such things are more often than not necessary, especially in the long run.

The rest of our portfolio as a moving company in Indianapolis

You may ask yourself, is that it? Is there not anything else on the menu? Not so fast. Moving and storage are very broad categories, and you may consider them to be simple and menial tasks, but have you stopped to think that there could be more to moving than meets the eye? If so – congratulations! If not, then it doesn’t matter, for we will tell you. What we offer can be placed into lots of varied specifics. For example, we offer:

  • Fine arts moving. We’re the type of Indiana movers that believe that art is not simply a product. Art is making sense of the reality around us using raw materials. Turning them into something aesthetically pleasing. For that reason, we protect it the best we can, and constantly improve on our ideas of art protection;
  • Office moving Indiana. If you need to move your business across miles upon miles of land, or even across the vast ocean, we’re here for you. Businesses move at a crazy rate these days – in fact, international business is easier than it’s ever been. We, as a company, adapt to these changes, so we have made office moving a specific branch of service;
  • Long-distance moving. Long-distance can refer to any move that exceeds 100 miles – it can mean between two US states, but it can also refer to an international move from Indiana to Mexico or Canada. However, all of these share a common characteristic – a long trip means that we have to put great efforts into keeping the entire process streamlined.

To conclude, we’re the best movers Indianapolis has to offer, and for a reason. We’re not just talking about the diversity of our portfolio, we’re also talking about a high level of precision, quality, and diligence when moving and storing your valuables.  Do not look any further – we’re the moving company you’re looking for!