Movers South Bend

Movers South Bend

Moving is a stressful event, and it can get even worse if you hire the wrong movers. Before you take the Indianapolis moving services, there are some questions you need to ask the movers. This is your chance to interview a moving company to find out if they will fit your needs. Asking those questions will also help you evaluate whether your movers South Bend are reliable.

Movers South Bend
The right movers South Bend will gladly answer all your questions

What do you need to ask your movers South Bend?

Do they have a registration number?

A reliable moving company must have a registration number with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, called the USDOT number.

If a company works only in one state, they might not be registered. You can check online with FMCSA.

What are their prices and rates?

Ask the company what their rate is. Most companies will provide a rate per pound and a distance rate. If the company offers a quotation based on cubic feet, do not hire them. The valuation of a company should be based on weight if you are moving over long distances. At short distances, some companies charge an hour. Both the hourly rate and the pound rate will not change, whereas the estimate may depend on the type provided by the movers. Keep in mind that the moving company must give you an assessment in writing, and they must provide you with a copy. Evaluation should include all costs, and you and the representative of the movers South Bend must sign it so that it is an agreement. This estimate also indicates the method of payment and is dated.

Do they use subcontractors?

Some of the major movers subcontract to a smaller company. If this applies to the company you are going to use, ask for the name of the subcontractor. And if the company uses several subcontractors, ask for a complete list. If the company’s representatives are not sure, ask them to find out and tell you.

This information should be easily accessible and should not be withheld. If there are subcontractors, make sure that you check the drivers to make sure that you still get good service. Most subcontractors are local movers who bought their own truck for transportation.

Are there any additional fees?

Find out if there are additional fees or when additional fees are charged. Some companies charge extra fees for inconvenient goods or if there is no easy access to the location. Or if they have to carry goods at a certain distance. To avoid such costs, pay attention to all larger items and pre-arrange where the truck can park. Check any possible obstacles such as using an elevator and limiting the load. You should discuss these additional fees with your movers South Bend ahead of time. And if you organize everything well, then there will be no need for them to charge you those additional fees.

Coins and calculations in case of additional fees.
Don’t pay for anything that you don’t why you are paying.

Will there be any additional transfers?

For long distance trips, some companies can transfer your items from one truck to another. Additional transfers increase the likelihood of damage and loss. Remember this when you choose movers and ask in advance. In addition, if you are moving in the winter or seasonal season, find out if the company has a protection against water damage.

Do they offer insurance?

Ask detailed questions about moving insurance. The reliable moving company will provide insurance for an additional fee.

They usually base the insurance on weight. The standard coverage is 60 cents per pound and is usually not enough to cover the true cost of the damaged item. Before you buy more insurance, take a look at the insurance of your home to see if they offer an additional cover for moving.

Do they offer packing and storage services?

Ask how they will protect and label the items. Most companies will wrap your sofa in plastic foil and provide a free wrapping service. Smaller companies may charge a fee for this service. Ask how the items are marked and how they will be identified upon arrival. Make sure that you keep an accurate list of all your items and the number of boxes. In addition, ask if a moving company expects a maintenance fee for the appliances. If so, ask about its rules for preparing devices for transportation to find out if you can do it yourself or find someone who does it for free. In most cases, companies do not charge a fee for standard basic devices, but they will charge for any additional goods.

Movers South Bend - storage
Most of the good moving companies will offer storage services


If you need storage, contact the company to check if they provide storage services. Usually, large companies do this, and this can save you time and money if the truck takes your things for you. It’s a good idea to check the storage facilities in South Bend in advance.

Are there any complaints and claims against them?

Ask the company if they have any complaints or claims against them. Most will give you a history of complaints and claims, and if they were in favor of the client. They will not necessarily provide details. But if there are some big issues, ask for more information about the nature of the complaint. Also, ask how many claims and complaints they had. This is a good indicator of their record of incidents.

Can they show you recommendations?

The most reliable movers South Bend will automatically give you letters of happy customers. And although anyone who has a printer and a computer can create supporting documents, you can usually assume that they are legal and factual.

To summarize: How to recognize the right movers South Bend?

Movers South Bend
Follow our tips, and you will hire the best movers South Bend

Choosing the right moving company is not always easy. But if you ask those questions, you will get a much clearer idea of what company is the one for your move. If you hire Affordable Packing LLC, you can be sure that you will get the service of reliable movers South Bend.