Moving to Indianapolis – pros and cons

Relocating to another city or even a neighborhood always can have good and bad sides to it. Whether it is the culture, the weather or a specific neighborhood it may be that there will be some things you won’t like as much. Therefore, before planning a relocation, one of the best moving tips is to research your destination as much as possible. Moving to Indianapolis might have many upsides as well as downsides. Living in a big city as Indianapolis means that you will have to adjust some of your habits and get used to new surroundings and people. To help you decide whether you should call Indianapolis your home, we have created a list of pros and cons.

Indianapolis at a glance

Indianapolis skyline - buildings
Indianapolis! The city of sports, music and cold winters!

Indianapolis, Indiana’s capital, has 99 community areas. Many of these areas are divided into smaller neighborhoods which have its own culture and lifestyle. As it would be really hard to generalize opinions and facts about such a big city, we will give you an opportunity to get to know it better and make a conclusion on your own.

In order to get to know Indianapolis better, let’s take a quick look at the city in numbers and facts:

  • 855,164 is the estimated population.
  • The most populous city in the Indiana state.
  • 368.2 square miles in the city area.
  • 1821. was the year of its establishment.
  • $43,101 is the median household income.
  • After moving to Indiana you will an access to the biggest children’s museum in the World.
  • The Indy 500 is the largest single-day sporting event in the World.

Moving to Indianapolis – The pros

Indianapolis is a big and exciting city. To any of you that are looking for finding a new affordable place to live where you can take your career to the next step, Indianapolis will get under your skin quickly. There are many perks about living in a metropolitan area, especially for young professionals that looking for a change of pace. When living in a big city, life usually never gets boring and there are many activities you can participate and mingle with the locals. As the list of Indianapolis lifestyle upsides is long, we have listed our favorite ones.

The affordability!

The median house price in Indianapolis is 34% lower than the country’s average and it is $119,900. Finding an affordable housing option in Indianapolis is much easier than anywhere else! Moving to Indianapolis will also be good for your budget. The overall cost of living is considered to be more than %12 that the average in the U.S.

The career and education opportunities!

Relocating to Indianapolis will give you opportunities to grow your business, develop your career or even completely change the path of it. Indiana is considered to be amongst the top 25 cities for finding a job.

If you are moving to Indianapolis with your family, Indianapolis will give you the access to great education.

The sports!

If you are a racing fan, there is no need to say anything else besides: The Indy 500. More than 300,000 people rush every year to Indianapolis to see the ‘Greatest Spectacle in Racing’. If you are not into watching cars go in circles, becoming a Colt’s fan will help you be proud of your new hometown.

people at the Colt's stadium after moving to Indianapolis
Being a Colts fan is a must after moving to Indianapolis!

Besides loving to watch sports, the Hoosiers love the outdoors activities as well. There are many athletic programs and youth leagues that will help your children have active and healthy fun.

Arts, music, and food

Museums, theaters, galleries, and music venues are all around Indianapolis. You will never be bored and whatever your taste in music may be, you will find the crowd. Live music events are a big part of Indianapolis residents lifestyle. The Children’s Museum is a great place to have some family fun with your kids. Hoosiers also have a great food and restaurant scene. There are many great restaurants in Indianapolis. However, if you do prefer cooking on your own, farmers markets will be a great place to buy fresh groceries.

The downsides of living in Indianapolis

Even though that all of the above makes Indianapolis a great relocation place, it may be that some will find it difficult to love the Indiana capital. Which are the main reasons for disliking this big city? Usually, it is the weather, culture or simply the city vibe.

The weather

The summers in Indianapolis are amazing, with a 70 degrees temperature. However the winters get really cold, and the average temperature in January is 34 degrees. During winter, Indianapolis residents get around the city by the Skyline. If you are not a fan of cold winters and the constantly changing weather, you might find it hard to love the city.

The city

Every relocation takes a lot of courage. It is a perfect opportunity for a fresh start. However, keep in mind that being a newcomer in a big city might be tough. Being on your own in a big city and having to meet people in a new environment can get tricky. Keep in mind that making friends can take time and patience. Also, if you are not a city life fan, consider finding a suburban neighborhood. This way you will get an opportunity to have a slow pace lifestyle while working in the city. If you decide to move to Indiana and live in a smaller city first, the right decision would be to visit some of the best cities in Indiana for newcomers. This will give you an opportunity to get to know the state, people, and culture.

The nightlife and Sunday drinks

Drinking beer in a bar after moving to Indianapolis
Having a drink with friends on Sunday can get tricky.

Even though there are many live music venues, young people don’t consider Indianapolis as the best place for partying. However, if you are into listening good music while drinking beer, you won’t mind that at all. Another interesting fact to keep in mind about Indiana is that you can’t buy alcohol on Sundays. However, this only refers to the carry-out sales. You can still order drinks by a glass in bars and restaurants.

The relocation guide for moving to Indianapolis

After finding the right neighborhood and setting the moving date it is time for planning the other steps of your relocation to Indianapolis. Without having a clear moving plan you are risking to get overwhelmed and have a stressful relocation. In order to avoid any mistakes along the way, there are few simple steps you need to follow.

First and most important tasks are to create a moving budget and choose a moving company you can trust. Contacting your mover and getting a moving quote will get you set up. Keep in mind that your budget needs to be flexible in the beginning. Some additional costs may come up along the way.

a closed and packed moving box
Pack and label your boxes properly.

Packing is the next task to keep in mind. You can either have your movers pack your boxes or do it yourself. Either way, buying affordable moving boxes should be added to your budget. Having quality packing material will ensure your belongings and fragile items travel safely.

Additional important tasks like informing your relatives and clients about the move should make your moving checklist. Also, figuring out in time whether you need moving insurance, will save you a lot of time and nerves. Extend your plan with a packing, labeling and unpacking process. Also, add any additional tasks take you come across. By writing everything down you will have enough time to plan ahead. Therefore, moving to Indianapolis will start easy and you can focus on planning your new life.