How to prepare for a job interview in Chicago?

Chicago is a business metropolis. It’s raking in billions in revenue for the economy, through taxes, wages, trade, goods, and services. And you, the little guy, are going to take part in that system of massive corporations, skyscrapers, and conglomerates. It’s confusing, and a bit frightening. If you need to move to Chicago, you’ll want to secure a job first, before you contact your long distance movers Indiana. We’re here to help you prepare for a job interview in Chicago with some sage advice.

Don’t worry if you aren’t accepted

Okay, we darkened the mood a bit with this one, and we’re sorry. But there’s a big reason for that. You see, many people fail their job interviews specifically because they’re so afraid of not getting said job. What’s more, the fear of failure cripples them to the point that they actually fail to convey their thoughts. Then, when they are rejected, their self-esteem drops and they fall further down the rabbit hole.

Woman suffering anxiety to due a failed job interview in Chicago.
Try your best to be confident when you prepare for a job interview in Chicago.

So, heads up. It’s a tough world with even tougher bosses. Maybe a new opportunity will arise. Perhaps you will be the guy doing the hiring next time. Maybe the guy who gets the job gets caught browsing Facebook or a moving company Indiana websites while trying to meet an important deadline. For every opportunity lost, other ones will arise. Chicago is a big city after all. After moving to Chicago, be sure to check which jobs will best suit your unique set of talents.

When you prepare for a job interview in Chicago, do not attempt to sound smarter

„I have considered acquiring this prestigious position in your esteemed company for a prolonged time period“ – no employer wants to hear that. The thing is, we all use our specific phrases and idioms. And we change them to suit the occasion. You should use the language you’re comfortable with. For example:

  • If you like speaking in simple terms, by all means, do so;
  • If you use certain catchphrases, by all means, use them;
  • Should you like long sentences with complex structures, use them too, but be sure to convey precisely what you want to say, no more, no less.
These three women are doing job interview with the one in the middle attempting to impress the other two.
Yes, we would all like to impress with our vocabulary – but it’s just better to get the message across.

In other words, translate what’s on your mind into your words with care, deliberation, and understanding. Don’t try to present yourself as an Einstein – chances are they’ve seen it all before. Instead, try to convince these people that you are the guy who will line up the company’s bank account with cash. And, by extension, your own, but we shouldn’t mention it, should we?

Do not be afraid

You’re not going to war, you’re going to a job interview. We know the stress levels are high, and for a good reason, and we know how difficult it is to focus. But you’re trying to prepare for a job interview in Chicago, the city where everyone can find a place. Everyone has failed in life – failure is not total default. So don’t be devastated, keep your head high, thank them for the interview and move on. That’s it.

Prepare for a job interview in Chicago by working on your confidence

This woman is suffering anxiety to due a failed job interview in Chicago.
Try your best to be confident – anxiety will kill your job prospects.

If you aren’t confident, you will fail, even if you’re a genius. Your confidence will increase as you rehearse your job interview. Instead of giving cliché answers to cliché questions, just tell the truth. For example:

  • When they ask you “Why did you apply for this job?” answer something along the lines of “It seemed like a good opportunity for a guy such as myself”. The interviewer will then likely proceed to ask about what kind of a person you are since you’re essentially begging the question. And congratulations, you have diverted the conversation in your favor, since you’re no longer talking about that unpleasant subject – money!
  • You will be asked if you’re ready to be a part of the team. Instead of rambling on how good it is to be a part of the team, tell them that every great deed done by humans, from the Great Wall of China to the Moon landing, was the work of a team. And who doesn’t want to do great deeds?
  • They will ask you what your greatest weakness is. Now it is actually time, to be honest. You should do some soul searching to prepare for a job interview in Chicago. You see, everyone has weaknesses, and you should honestly know what your faults and mistakes are. They will appreciate this.

Constantly work on yourself

You’re not a machine. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t something upon you to improve. The main question you have to ask yourself, is “Who am I?”, and you should immediately proceed to who “Who do I want to be?” You have this ideal person, this “other you” as an image in your mind’s eye. He/she is a better version of you, and we all have this ideal or almost-ideal person in front of us. If you improve yourself constantly, you will strive to become this person. You will, essentially, be reborn as that person. And it will help you tremendously, not only on your 9-5 job but in life. You may never reach it during your lifetime, but your life will be improved the moment you start doing so.

The result of self-improvement is the sweet nectar of self-confidence, success and getting ahead in life. It is the feeling of your own efforts bearing fruit for you to enjoy. And do not forget that your striving will be noticed by your corporate superiors, who will certainly take note of your ability to create a better being out of yourself. I’m not saying you’re a bad person, and I would never say such a thing. I am saying that humans are imperfect and attempt to strive for perfection that they will likely never reach. What I’m telling you is never to give up striving, and the interview will come to you as easy as it can be.