Moving Services

Moving Services

If you want a safe and stress-free relocation, we are the top choice for you. We are among quickest, most efficient and most affordable moving services Indiana offers. If you want a safe and stress-free relocation, contact our attentive personnel and we will find a solution for all your moving needs. 

Indiana moving company at affordable prices - Affordable Packing
Affordable packing – Safe, quick and efficient Indiana moving company

What moving services can you expect if you hire us?

We built our reputation approaching every single relocation with the maximum of commitment. In order to make our customers satisfied, we are constantly investing in our equipment and training and education of our employees. This way, we are making sure to constantly raise the quality of our moving services, setting new standards in the moving world.

Besides the quality, we tend to exceed the volume of services we offer. This means that now we can offer everything you can possibly need when moving your home, office or business. Here is the list of tasks we cover when it comes to relocations:

  1. Types of relocations:
    1. Residential – We can move your home, no matter what size – a studio or a family house.
    2. Commercial – Moving your office, your building, or a whole business? It makes no difference to us. We got you covered!
  2. Relocation distance:
    1. Local – Moving across the street, or across the city is the same for us.
    2. Long-distance – Moving to another city or another state is a lot easier if you have an assistance of a proper moving company. Affordable Packing Indiana guarantees there will be no troubles if you hire us to help you with the relocation.
    3. International – Moving across the country borders takes plenty of activities. Hire the best moving services Indiana has, with sufficient experience to conduct this complicated relocation.
  3. Additional services:
    1. Packing – We assist you with the packing process, or do all the packing. It’s up to you to choose.
    2. Storage – In a need of a short or long-term storage? We offer safe, quality and affordable storage solutions.

Types of relocations we cover: residential and commercial

Moving home or office is an easy thing to do if you hire the right Indiana moving services. Our Mishawaka moving crews are able to handle all sorts of relocations you might possibly have a need to undertake. Here is what you can expect if you move your home or your office.

Residential moving services Indiana

We can do everything when it comes to moving your home. Now, whether you want a full-service move or just a partial assistance, it’s up to you. We offer to:

  • Make a detailed moving plan
  • Help you calculate the exact moving costs
  • Assist with de-cluttering your home
  • Pack/unpack your home or assist with the packing/unpacking process
  • Load/unload your items
  • Store your belongings safely

We are not like many moving services Indiana you might have dealt with. Hence, unlike the others, who take care of satisfying your needs, Affordable Packing Indiana makes sure to put the smile on your face while moving home. If you hire us, not only that you will move safely and stress-free, but you will fully enjoy entering a new phase in your life.

Commercial moving services Indiana

Moving home is a difficult task, but moving office or business is even harder. This is why we have a team experienced in providing commercial moving services in Mishawaka and all of Indiana. We know how important it is to move your documents and equipment safely, so you could continue with your business activities immediately after the relocation.

Here is what you can expect from our commercial moving services:

  • Making a plan for your business move (who should you notify about the moving, how to change the address of your business, what obligations there are prior to the moving day etc.)
  • Helping you pack your documentation and equipment, or doing it on our own.
  • Making sure your business items are safe while transporting them to the new address
  • Helping you arrange a new office space, so you could proceed with business activities from the next day

Move your business or office without impact on your business – hire Affordable Packing Indiana.

No matter how long the moving distance, we are among best moving services Indiana has!

As a Mishawaka based moving company, we are perfectly capable of dealing with local, long distance and international relocations for residents of Indiana, Michigan or Illinois. So no matter what your location is, and no matter where your new home is located, we can move you there without troubles.

Local moving services

Moving services Indiana are often specialized in one or two sorts of relocations Affordable Packing can handle everything. No matter if it seems easy or difficult, we can do it. Just get in touch with us, and we will handle everything. Most importantly, we will handle everything at affordable prices.

When it comes to local Mishawaka moves, we practically know every single part of it, so we will make sure to do everything in no time, making completely sure that nothing gets damaged or broken along the way. However, Mishawaka isn’t the only place where we offer local moving services. Call us and we will discuss everything, no matter where your location is.

Long distance moving services

Long distance move is way more difficult than the local one. Sure, you need to do a similar job – prepare for the move, pack, transport your items and unpack. However, when moving to another city or even state, there are many more obligations you must finish before the moving day than if only moving across the street. From a long distance, it will be way more challenging to get back and finish what you didn’t manage to do before the move. Hiring the right movers will prevent all troubles. Our team providing moving services in Indiana can help a lot with all this. We can make a list of all essential things to do before the move, and help you fulfill some or all of those obligations.

International relocation services

Moving across country borders takes the most energy and money. This is why it is essential to hire Indiana moving services with adequate know-how and with experience in moving homes or businesses internationally. You must know what is allowed and what is not allowed to leave/enter a foreign/domestic country. You need to prepare the paperwork and make absolutely sure that everything is done properly before the moving day. Imagine that, on the moving day, the movers load your items, come to the border, and you realize you don’t have some important document or you’re moving something that cannot leave/enter the country.

This is what experienced moving services Indiana for international relocations are there for. We have international moving crews with so much experience that we guarantee there will be no troubles with your move, no matter what country you’re moving from or to. Don’t worry, we are based in Michiana, but we handle international relocations no matter what your location is!

Additional Indiana moving services

These services we’re going to talk about here are practically basic ones, only they are not completely a part of the moving process. Talking about packing or storage solutions, they come before or after the moving process. However, you can’t move your home without packing it, right? Or what if, after the move, you don’t have enough space for all your belongings. You will need a storage space. Hence, storage is also strongly connected to the relocation.

Packing and unpacking services

We offer different packages of packing services:

  • Full-service packing Our packing professionals do everything. This is the most certain option, given that our experts will make absolutely sure nothing gets damaged or broken, packing it perfectly safely using the best packing supplies.
  • Partial packing – If you choose to do the packing on your own, or with the assistance of your friends, we can handle the fragile or valuable items. Also, we can assist with disassembling your furniture and electronics.
  • Packing materials – If you decide not to hire us during the moving process, we can still be of your assistance. Contact us and we will advice you what packing supplies to use to avoid troubles.
  • Unpacking – After the move, we can help you unpack some or all items. What’s even more important, we will help you with reassembling your items and with proper placement of contents, so you can continue with a normal life immediately after you move home.

Storage solutions

Affordable packing offers unmatched quality of storage services in Indiana. If you opt for our storage solutions, you will be sure that your items are placed in safe, and clean space, with no possibility to get damaged. Besides this, we have climate controlled units, so we can take a proper care of almost everything you might have a need to store.

When it comes to the period of using our storage capacities, we realize different people have different needs. This is why we offer options for short and long-term cooperation. 

Why Affordable Packing, among all moving services Indiana offers?

We offer quick moving services of unmatched quality at very affordable prices. This is the reason why we get so many recommendations from our previous customers. Our commitment to making our customers smiled and happy on a moving day and professionalism since the day one they get in touch with us is what makes us so popular.

We offer to fully cooperate with you, helping you do all parts of relocation easily and trouble-free. This means that not only that we are moving your home or office, but our moving services cover a lot more things. Our main goal is a full satisfaction of our customers. This means we don’t have fixed packages of moving services you can opt for. On the contrary, we are making the moving services package completely based on your particular moving needs. This way, we are ensuring that the quality of services we provide you with is the best possible, and also making sure that the price you pay is the most affordable you can find.

Here are the three main reasons why you should pick Affordable Packing among all moving services Indiana:

  • Safety – We guarantee that none of your items will be damaged due to our responsibility. We will take all precautionary measure to prevent all common moving troubles.
  • Quality – Investing in top-quality equipment and hiring the best moving professionals in all of Indiana are the reasons why our relocations are so smooth.
  • Affordability – Providing our customers only with those moving services they need is what makes us able to offer this low prices for our assistance.