Storage Units Fort Wayne

Storage Units Fort Wayne

If you’ve found yourself looking for good storage facilities – that’s just perfect, because you’ve pretty much come to the right place. Storage units Fort Wayne offers are numerous in their endless variance, as poets would say. And as experienced movers Fort Wayne, we will now introduce you to the network of storage facilities that we have gradually developed over the years all across Indiana, but other states too.

Storage – what does it entail?

Storage basically entails placing your valuables inside a sealed container. This definition, however, is lacking – storage is a complex and technical thing with many definitions. It’s also a booming industry which has gradually developed in a more urbanized, developed and globalized world. Unfortunately, we haven’t reached a point where all the storage services are easily available to everyone around the globe. However, when it comes to the US, you will find out that you can easily find affordable storage services in Indiana because that is the essence of our job – affordability and reliability. Generally speaking, most of the things that people store do not really require any special attention, however, the things that do, are as follows:

Storing the sensitive stuff

If you place a pair of shoes in the drawer, you can rest assured that more than just a few years will pass before the shoes get damaged in any way. It’s the same with storage units. However, we also service clientele that store not only shoes but also fine arts, such as statues and paintings. For this reason, we have to take special precautions and make sure that they do not come to harm.

Art such as these paintings will be protected in our storage facilities in Indiana.
Reliable storage units in Fort Wayne will go great lengths to protect art.

Keeping the sensitive stuff safe

As we mentioned, the main reason for worry isn’t thieves. It’s moisture and sunlight. Aquarel paintings are, for example, especially at risk, considering that sunlight can easily damage the paint, leading to a ruined painting. For that reason, we monitor the amount of temperature and sunlight allowed within our containers. We always strive to preserve the valuable items our customers entrust us with, however, there are certain precautions to be taken. For example, long distance moving experts IN recommend that, after a long-distance move of your precious and sensitive items, you put them immediately into one of our reliable storage facilities.

Our mission is to protect art such as these busts and old tomes, from harm.
We consider ourselves protector of all that has value – that includes art.

Our storage units Fort Wayne offer a diversified portfolio of services

Every customer has his or her specific needs for a specific kind of storage. For that reason, we do not offer a menu of services, but we instead we draft a contract with each of our customers, and said contract determines the details of how the stuff of our clients will be kept. Think of it as a customized rent contract, because, for all the legal reasons, that’s what it is. We’re giving away protected space so our clients won’t have any trouble. This is why our storage units Fort Wayne are equipped with things such as:

  • Temperature regulation – we don’t want it to be too high, or too low;
  • Humidity alarms – we don’t want humidity to damage the strings on that precious Stratocaster;
  • Fire alarms – obviously, fire damages pretty much anything and everything.

But what about the duration?

Generally speaking, you can store your stuff after moving to Fort Wayne for as long as you’d like. There’s no hard limit on how long you can store your items in one of our storage facility in Fort Wayne. We can keep them there until the end of time if need be. However, most people want to store their stuff for a few months tops – some of them need to sell a house, some of them are going on a trip, some of them just want to do massive reparations on the house. Generally speaking, every client has a set of demands, and we’re proud to say that we can meet them in a timely manner.

We use calenders such as this one to keep track of how long our clients keep their stuff in our storage units Fort Wayne.
Our storage units Fort Wayne keep track of our clients’ items and the time they spend in our facilities.

However, there are some restrictions on using our storage units Fort Wayne

There are restrictions with everything – you can’t drive a car without a license, registration, or while intoxicated. Think of these as simply safety concerns. Unfortunately, previous experiences of different companies have taught us that some items cannot be stored safely within the bounds of our storage units in Fort Wayne. Some of these are:

  • Guns, ammunition and explosives. We simply do not condone or allow storage of firearms. Explosives are prone to sudden detonation and so is ammo, which is essentially a barrelled explosive. Guns aren’t allowed because, from a legal perspective, they fall under the same category. In other words, they’re governed by the same law;
  • Pets. This is not a way to keep your furry friend safe. Our storage units Fort Wayne accept items and items only. They are not a pet’s natural environment;
  • Food. Food is prone to quick decomposition and decay. And we cannot allow it behind the premises of our storage units Fort Wayne. This tends to attract all sorts of insects, who are quick and eager for food. Generally speaking, if there’s food in our storage facilities, we can tell and take immediate action. Therefore, it is not advisable to bring food or nutrients of any sort to our storage facilities.

To conclude

Our storage units Fort Wayne are some of the best that Indiana has to offer. We have an extended network of different storage facilities all over Indiana, and they’re as affordable as they can get. If you’re, say, moving furniture, you will definitely need a good and reliable storage facility. If you’re ever in a situation where you need us, you know where to find us.