Storage Units Lafayette

Storage Units Lafayette

Sometimes, we need to incorporate a storage unit into our move. The reasons why we need storage facilities when moving house vary. Regardless of the reason, one thing is sure, we need a quality storage unit to keep the stored items safe. Choosing the right place to store our belongings means having that peace of mind many people lack during a house move. Read on to find out why choosing our storage units Lafayette is the right decision.

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Whether storing your belongings is just convenient or absolutely necessary, our storage units Lafayette are the best place to do it.

Move with the best movers in Lafayette, IN

Storage is one of many moving services offered by Affordable Packing Indiana. Whatever your moving needs are, we are ready to give you a hand. Our professionals have many years of experience in handling all kinds of relocation to and from Lafayette – residential, commercial, long and short distance. You won’t find anyone more reliable and affordable at the same time. If you are still not convinced, ask the customers we have moved over the years.

Why use our storage units Lafayette?

If you happen to need storage in Lafayette, call our Lafayette movers! We offer storage services for families, students, businesses and everyone else who needs them. Our storage units are secure, dry, clean, insect and rodent-free. Moreover, we have climate controlled storage units in Lafayette for storing your sensitive items. You can also have your possessions packed by our team of packers to make sure they are properly prepared for storage. We use a variety of durable packing supplies that will protect your goods until the moment they reach their final destination. Finally, we offer to drive your goods to and from sorage units. If you find the time, visit our storage units Lafayette personally before renting one.

Questions to ask before renting storage units Lafayette

Asking the right questions at the right time can help you avoid unpleasant situations and have a stress-free moving experience. Gather information about the sizes, costs, insurance options as well as when you can access your unit.

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Labeling all boxes and placing them in an organized way will save you a lot of time when you need to take something from your storage unit.

Do I even need a storage unit?

People need storage facilities for various reasons. The benefits of self storage in Indiana are numerous, however, it isn’t always necessary.

  • Moving is a complex process that involves house repairs, cleaning, decorating, etc. All those things will be done faster without large items such as furniture standing in the way.
  • Sometimes, we have to move into a smaller office or apartment. Or, we start living with more people than before. In case the new space cannot fit all of your possessions, consider using storage units Lafayette until you figure out what to do with them.
  • If you must move out of your old place before the new one is ready for your belongings, temporary storage is a reasonable solution.
  • If you are selling or renting your old place, try to declutter it in order to make it more appealing when someone interested in buying a home in Lafayette IN comes to see it. It will look more spacious and tidy. In the meantime, your belongings can be safely stored.
  • Think carefully if you truly need the items you are moving and storing. Storing certain items could be a waste of money. Sometimes, selling is a better option than storing for an infinite period of time.
A cluttered room full of stuff in need of storage units Lafayette
Your old place will be more saleable after you declutter it. Make more space by storing everything that has built up over the years.

How big should the unit be?

That depends on the number and size of your belongings. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. Picking the right one is very important. Picking a unit that is too big means overpaying while picking one that is too small means you won’t be able to store everything you planned. If you are not sure what size fits you, our experts will be happy to advise you.

Do I need climate control?

That depends on what you plan to store, when and for how long. You probably own many items that cannot handle temperature changes, high humidity, cold or heat. Although more expansive than regular storage, a climate controlled storage unit is the ideal environment for sensitive items, such as antique furniture, fine art, electronics, etc. In case you need storage for a longer period, there is no other option but to store such items in a climate controlled unit in order to avoid damage. Also, seasons change and some parts of the year are less harsh towards your delicate items than others.

Are my belongings insured?

Normally, yes. Ask about how to acquire the right insurance policy. Standard homeowners and renters policies include off-premises protection for damage caused by fire and other disasters as well as theft. To what extent a storage facility is covered depends on the insurance company. Your insurance agent should be able to help you with this matter.

When to reserve the unit?

The answer is as early as you can. The moment you decide to move is the time to start preparing. Finding a good moving company that provides storage services can take ages. You need to do a lot of research so as to find the best balance between price and quality. Moreover, the best movers in Lafayette are always in demand which means you have to book the move early. Try to do it at least a few weeks in advance although months would be ideal.

What lease option to choose?

If you need long-term storage, you should choose a longer lease. In case you just need the unit until the move is over, a shorter lease is a better option. The company’s representatives should help you choose the most suitable lease option. Month-to-month options should be available, too.