Storage Units Michigan City

Storage Units Michigan City

If you’re in need of good and reliable storage units Michigan City, we’re here for you! If you’re in a situation where you don’t specifically need our moving services, but, you need storage instead, we have just the thing for you. Your movers in Michigan City are just a phone call away. But, before that, let’s answer a few important questions.

Are these the best storage units Michigan City has to offer?

We’re at risk of sounding immodest, but yes – we have yet to find better storage facilities elsewhere. Our storage units have two sets of standards to fulfill, and both are equally harsh:

  1. The first one is set by the regulatory agencies. These are the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the American Moving and Storage Association, and the Department of Transportation. They have placed a set of rules and regulations that we have to follow;
  2. The other one is set by the market standards – that is, by the customers themselves. We have to be better than everyone else because we’d go out of business otherwise. For that reason, our storage units Michigan city are definitely among the best you will find.

So, what is on the menu?

When it comes to our storage units in Indiana, well, the short answer is everything. If we can reach a deal, then we can do it. Other companies tend to have special terms and conditions. For example, they may demand that you leave your belongings for at least a month or two. As far as we’re concerned, you can leave your entire belongings in our storage for 15 whole minutes, and we won’t object. It’s impractical (at least that’s just our opinion), but it’s technically not forbidden. We’re extremely flexible and we’re proud of it.

A well-equipped storage facility in Michigan City
Our storage units Michigan City are well-equipped to suit every client’s needs.

What is the most common type of service?

Affordable Packing Indiana offers a wide array of services, however, here are some of the most common ones. Keep in mind that this is a rough estimate of the average. Your needs may greatly differ from the average customer – which, just to be clear, is just fine. So, here we go:

Residential storage

If we can call it that. This is what usually happens with people who come into these parts of the US with their belongings and only then do they begin searching for a home. They usually want our largest storage units Michigan City and want them for 3 to 4 months.

Preparations for a big move

Sometimes, people are moving somewhere else, and want to make sure that their house is in perfect condition before they sell it. That’s why they drop off their stuff in one of our storage units Michigan City. After they’ve left their stuff with us, they check their now-empty houses for some usually-needed reparations.

Corporate relocation

This may not be the most common type of service that our storage units Michigan City offers, however, it is one of the largest. When companies move, there’s a lot of things to be done. This is why it is crucial that we do it quickly and efficiently.

We use big storage facilities Michigan City such as this one for corporate relocations.
We use large storages to house residential and corporate inventories.

What are the special services that these storage units Michigan City offers?

Well, of all of these, there are some very special and particular services that need to be taken care of. Some people need special or extra services to make their life-changing journey complete. Here are some examples of what we can store after you relocate to Michigan City:

Fine arts storage

For example, you may need a sculpture or a painting stored. No need to fret over the fragile beauty of such works of art, for we keep it safe inside out storage units. We are aware that items such as sculptures and paintings need routine checkups, as well as special conditions so they don’t decay, deteriorate or sustain damage. For example, placing a painting somewhere damp will certainly lead to canvas damage.

Musical instrument storage and protection

Musical instruments are sensitive things and are best kept in a dry environment. The temperature should be about 17 Celsius (62.6 Fahrenheit), and the air should be fresh and dry. If you have an instrument such as a piano, organ, violin, or guitar, we will keep it in perfect condition for you! Oh, and, other instruments are also included, of course. Our storage units Michigan City are able to accommodate any musical instrument that you may have, from organ to ocarina!

Heavy item relocation

Sometimes, that bed just needs to be hauled to a storage, and, unfortunately, you can’t do it yourselves. Not that we blame you – we’re a professional moving company and we also sometimes have trouble with those. Thankfully, we always find a solution to the perpetual problem of moving heavy items. Unless you’re absolutely sure you can pull it off, you should never move heavy items by yourself. And, in case you need them stored, our storage units Michigan City will never fail to deliver.

Some restriction, however, do apply

We allow our customer’s maximum possible liberty when it comes to the type of service that they want. However, there are some things that just we cannot allow – from both legal and moral perspective. For example, we do not allow firearms and explosive and incendiary devices to be kept within our perimeters.

Lockers and staircase leading to storage units Michigan City
Our storage units Michigan City are climate-controlled and hygienic.


The reasons for this are entirely practical – said devices could fire at the wrong time, thereby destroying large pieces of property or even causing injury. We do not keep food or other easily degradable materials, considering that these tend to attract insects. Last, but not least, pets and people aren’t allowed within our perimeters – for obvious reasons. On a lighter note, anything but this is just fine with us. Our climate controlled storage units are open to anyone and everyone.