Storage Units Warsaw

Storage Units Warsaw

When moving to a new location, many people need to store their belongings for a certain period of time. Why look for two companies if you can hire one that can do it all? We are the best movers in Indiana who provide storage solutions, among other services. Using our storage units Warsaw is the ideal solution for your storage needs.

Several outdoor storage units and a bright sky with white clouds
When looking for a moving company to pack and transport our belongings to a new address, we sometimes need one that provides storage services as well.

Reasons to use a storage facility

Quite often, we need to move out of our old home or office before the new one is ready. That is when we need a third place to store our belongings temporarily. Also, storing a part of your belongings earlier helps you have an easier and more organized move. Moreover, in the case of moving to a smaller space, there may not be enough room for all your items. Finally, getting some of your belongings out of the way makes your home less cluttered, better looking and more attractive to potential buyers.

Why you need climate controlled storage

Whether you need a regular or a climate controlled storage unit depends on the nature of the goods you’re storing. Some materials are too delicate to endure extreme temperatures and drastic temperature changes. Such materials need to be stored in a climate controlled unit in order to stay intact. The most sensitive items are those that contain wood, metal, fabric, plastic, paint, etc.

Three ACs on the wall of climate controlled storage units Warsaw
Ask for climate-controlled storage units Warsaw to avoid damage caused by mold and mildew.

It is easy to identify good climate controlled storage. The main difference between air-conditioned and climate controlled storage is that the latter can heat, cool and control humidity, unlike an air-conditioned unit which only maintains the temperature below a certain number of degrees. Climate controlled storage costs a little more than non-climate controlled storage. However, it is worth the extra price, especially if you need it for a longer period.

Why choose our storage units Warsaw?

We offer a variety of storage options to choose from. Our team will help you find the one that fits both your needs and your budget. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, we will make sure all your demands are met.

We take pride in the affordability of our services. In addition to the cost of the space itself, the rent can include maintenance, heat, inventory, and insurance. Storing valuable items is also charged extra. Taking all these fees into consideration, we offer the most affordable storage units in Warsaw.

Insurance is very important, especially when storing items of high value. Although extremely rare, accidents happen. In case something happens to your belongings, the damage will be covered. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about.

Apart from high security measures, we guarantee a dry and clean environment for your possessions and excellent air quality. There will be no rodents, bugs, mold or dust.

Storage units Warsaw for all storage needs and purposes

Whether you’re moving your home or office, our storage units Warsaw will be ready. If you are not sure what kind of storage unit is best for your items, ask our staff, they will be happy to advise you.

Water collected as droplets on a glass surface
Indiana’s humid climate is enemy number one of your delicate belongings, such as furniture, electronics, books, and documents.
  • Storage for your home – Sometimes, we have to move into a smaller space. If the new space cannot fit all your belongings, the best solution is renting a suitable storage unit in Warsaw.
  • Storage for students – Students move frequently, besides, they cannot always afford to have enough space. If you are studying in or around Warsaw and you need a storage unit for the summer or during the school year, do not hesitate to call us.
  • Storage for businesses – If you are moving an office or your entire business, we are ready to help. In case your office furniture and supplies need a temporary home, we offer a variety of options.
  • Storage units of all shapes and sizes – Regardless of how many items you are storing, regardless of their shape and size, we have the right space for them.
  • Climate controlled storage – Apart from regular storage, we offer climate controlled storage units Warsaw. Your sensitive items will be perfectly protected from heat, cold and humidity.

What to do before storing your belongings


First, make a list of the items you want to store. Decide what and how much you can afford to store. By reducing the amount of stuff you store, you will get more storage space and also cut storage rent costs. Sometimes, getting rid of certain items is a better solution than storing them. In case you are not sure if (and when) you are going to use those items, perhaps you should sell, rather than store.

Ask questions

Furthermore, before signing a contract, gather important information on different storage units Warsaw, the insurance policy, different fees, the eligibility for discounts, etc. If possible, visit the facilities personally and have a look at the available units.

Pick the right size

Determining its size is one of the most important steps in choosing the perfect unit. A 5-by-5 foot unit is ideal for small items. If you’re packing a one-bedroom home, a 10-by-10 foot unit should be enough. If you’re storing a three or four bedroom home, a 10-by-20 foot unit will do.

Pack and label

Prepare a sufficient amount of suitable packing supplies. You have the option to get them yourself or buy them from us. We also provide packing services, both full and partial, for those who decide not to pack everything by themselves.

Label each box. Once all boxes are packed on top of each other, it will be complicated to find things. Imagine how much time and energy can be wasted moving and opening them to find what you are looking for. You can even make a list of items and their locations and hang it inside the storage unit.