The ultimate property inspection guide

Inspecting a property can be truly challenging. Perhaps you are now trying to buy your first house and don’t know what to look for? Maybe this is your second or third attempt. Whether it is the former or the latter, it is always useful to know how to spot certain “red flags.” A good property inspection should include both the big picture and the details. And we’re here to help. Here are some things that can certainly help you with your property inspection.

Check the general condition of the house

The first thing you should do during your property inspection is to look at the overall state of the house. Keep an eye for possible structural problems. That is, whether there are any problems with the foundation, walls, the ceiling, or the roof. These make up the bases of a sturdy home. You should write down anything out of the ordinary you may notice. As you probably already know, problems with these parts of the house usually cost most to fix. Also, try to see if there are any possible damp areas. Water and mold can cause the most trouble and deteriorate the quality of your new home.

In any case, you need to spot whether there are any parts that need renovation. If there are, you need to check how much the renovation will cost. Also, take pictures of things that are not in good condition. Remember, renovation can significantly increase the amount you spend on your new property. Accompany that with the moving costs, and the house is not as cheap as you initially thought, right? However, there are ways to cut costs during moving. If you want affordable movers, you can get in touch with residential movers Mishawaka. They will provide great service and offer their vast experience at truly affordable prices.

Man measuring floorboards
Check to see whether you will have to renovate

Check doors, windows, gutters

As we have already mentioned, any good property inspection should include everything. After you’ve taken a look at the big picture, focus on the details next. Is there any problem with the doors and windows? Can they open and close easily? Check whether there is any mold around them. In case the doors and windows are made of wood, mold can easily harm them. If they are not in a good condition, that means they will have to be replaced. Also, if the doors don’t close easily, this could signify a problem with the foundation. Go outside and check whether the gutters are firmly attached.

Check the electricity

In this case, you want to focus on two things – the sockets and the switches. Obviously, if you are unfamiliar with checking the electricity, it is good to have an expert around. It is also highly advisable, since you will need to check the state of the fuse box. And, admittedly, not everyone can do that. However, what you can certainly do is check the switches. Aside from working, make sure that they do not jam. You don’t want anything that can cause an electric shock.

Property inspection means sometimes hiring professionals
Checking the electricity is vital

Check the plumbing

Again, you might want to hire a professional for any extensive work. However, if you are conducting your property inspection on your own, you can certainly check the bases. For instance, make sure that every faucet has enough pressure. Check for any leaks. Notice whether there is any rumbling sound because that usually signals trouble.

Check the heating/cooling system

For instance, first check the air-conditioning unit. See if it needs to be cleaned or if it is in good condition. Also, see whether the heating system is old. Again, if it is too old, it will most likely need to be replaced. Make sure to ask the property agent for any additional information.

Check appliances and furniture, if included

If the house includes any appliances and furniture, also check their state. If they are well-maintained, you can choose to keep them. However, you do need to verify the age of the appliances. If they are too old, no matter how good their condition is, they are close to their expiration date.

Built-in stove in the kitchen
Old appliances will most likely have to be replaced

Although, if you have already decided that you want your own furniture, there is a way to get rid of it easily. You can put them away in a storage unit if you don’t need them. For instance, storage Mishawaka offers affordable storage. You can put there everything, from your sofa to your fridge. They will make sure that your things are properly taken care of.

A few additional tips for your property inspection

There are some other things to look out for when conducting your property inspection. These may not necessarily be big things now, but they may cause problems in the future. Here are some additional tips for your property inspection.

  • Make sure that the environment is adequate. For instance, ask the property agent whether the house is near any factories or malls. That is, near any place which could cause air/noise pollution. Also, ask about the crime rate in the neighborhood. This is something that some homeowners disregard, but, let’s face it, it is quite important to find a safe neighborhood to start your new life.
  • The condition of the walkway and driveway. This may not be that important right away. However, mind you, it can be expensive to fix and should be included in your estimate.
  • Are there any trees near the house? I bet you never even thought that a tree could cause issues. However, some trees have exceptionally strong roots. Many types of trees actually have such strong roots that they can cause significant damage to the foundation. Make sure that your next property does not include any trees close to the home.
  • Check the basement and the attic/roof. The first thing you should do is see if there are any unusual smells. If the basement smells like mold, that means it is wet and this can cause trouble for the foundation. If the attic smells of mold, there could be problems with the roof tiles. See whether some of them need to be replaced.