Tips for finding short term housing

As you move forward in your college career, one word will change in your mind from exciting to terrible: internship. Of course, many internships are extremely competitive and offer low or unpaid wages. But perhaps the most difficult thing with regard to internships is that if you need to make a short stay in a new city, the housing can be a problem. Finding short term housing at a price you can afford is not that easy.

Most likely, you will have no idea what you are doing. And simply hiring long distance movers Indiana will not be enough. You will start looking for apartment options and you can actually make it really profitable. To make it easier for you, we will give you some pretty good advice for finding short term housing during an internship or for another short period of time.

Woman thinking about short term housing
We are here to make your search for short term housing much easier

Basic tips for finding short term housing

Click on the college network

Our best secret to finding affordable housing during short period of time is to search near any colleges in the city. Most likely, students will need a subletter for as much time as you will be there. Some campuses even have special internship programs that are easy to sign up for. It is not exactly cheap, but it has very good conditions. When searching for short term housing, campuses should be your first step, even if you have recently graduated from college. So, before you hire residential movers Mishawaka, check the place to stay.

Consider less expensive cities

If you are on a tight budget, do not link all your dreams with New York or San Francisco. There is a lot of time for this when you can afford the cost of transportation and accommodation.

There are many people who have had excellent internships in less traditional conditions. For example, living in a small city, instead of a metropolis. Accommodation is cheaper, but you are close enough to get to a big city for a weekend or special event.

Small city street
Turning off the usual path can give good results

In less accessible cities, try to bring your own car

While convenient, short term housing that can reach to offices in the city center by foot or on public transport lines, it commands a higher rent. And in many US cities, having a car can mean the difference between paying high housing prices in the city center or looking for cheaper options further. If you can have access to the car, this cost can compensate for how much more expensive it is to live close to public transport and pedestrian roads with high traffic.

Ask friends of friends

Nine times out of 10, it’s best to sublet from someone you know than someone with whom you have absolutely no connection. It is safer and often more affordable. Do not underestimate how many people you know. Try Facebook status when you start a job search. And then ask if any of your friends know someone who needs a subletter in this city. You may be pleasantly surprised.


That’s what we believe is tough. You should not be afraid to negotiate on the amount of your rent. You might feel so desperate for a decent housing option that you really missed the negotiating part. Do not be afraid! There are plenty of tricks on how to negotiate, and you should really try to follow them when looking for affordable housing in Indiana.

Do not invest in furniture yet

This is another simple suggestion. Do not proceed to the purchase of furniture or other decorative items. It’s such a short amount of time, it’s easier to live like a monk than to spend money on things that you need to move again and again. This brings another huge benefit to subleasing on a college campus since you can usually find furnished units.

You can find sublets on the Internet, but be careful with Craigslist

We found several websites that are very helpful when searching for short term housing. We would especially recommend Nestio, which allows you to set very specific search criteria in your approach. Other good sites include,, and

Craigslist is obviously full of apartment listings, but you need to continue the cation. We will not say you should not use craigslist. Many people have really found their current apartments in craigslist. So we can’t completely bring it down. But we all heard some rather horrible stories.

If you are using Craigslist, try to find a listing by a third-party agent, rather than an actual person, just trying to fill their room. We have found that this is a more reliable option, especially if you can find information about your agent online. That can look and feel much more legitimate than any connection with a person who wants to sublet.

Kitchen interior
Always request as many photos as you can

Stop by to look at the apartment before you commit if you can. Finally, ask for references. It may be strange – usually, the tenant is the one who asks for references. But you also want to check that the person you are renting from is the one who he says he is. Especially if you are setting it hundreds of miles away.

What to do after you find affordable short term housing?

We would like to say that the next step is much easier. But, that is not exactly the case. You need to gather and pack all the things you need and transport them safely. Fortunately, Affordable Packing LLC is here to help you. Contact us today, and we will make your move as easy as possible.