Tips for moving to Chicago with ease

Business, sports, diversity, architecture, art… There is no other place like the Windy City! Visiting Chicago for catching a game or seeing any of its famous landmarks will give you just a glimpse into the everyday lifestyle of this urban mecca. But how about actually moving there? Have you ever considered calling it home? Many young professionals rush to the coast of Michigan lake for numerous reasons. Moving to Chicago will provide you with the access to a steady job market, cultural and sports events and many more. In order to help you prepare you for the amazing life transformation of relocating to Chicago, here is a short “all you need to know” guide.

Living in Chicago – what is it like?

Chicago skyline
The amazing architecture will become an everyday sight!

 Chicago, with its 77 official community areas, is the city with its own vibe. The diversity of its residents it visible everywhere. Besides offering many job opportunities for young people, living in Chicago has many more perks to it. Summer festivals, parks, museums and sports venues are creating a quality lifestyle for the residents of Chicago.

The architecture and famous landmarks of Chicago

Moving to Chicago will let you have amazing everyday sightseeing. It is the home to the 4 out of 10 tallest buildings in the country. It is also the city of some of the Worlds firsts. The first Ferris wheel in the World and the oldest zoo in the country are both in Chicago.

The Willis Tower, Millenium Park, Cloud Gate are just a few of the numerous Chicago landmarks worth seeing. The city itself is built in a way that every resident will be in a walking distance of a park. Therefore, living in Chicago will let you have an active outdoor and healthy lifestyle.

There are also many cultural landmarks in Chicago. Venues like Chicago Cultural Center and Field Museum of Natural History are great places to visit during your free time. After moving to Chicago you will be able to catch a concert in the Frank Gehry pavilion of the Millenium Park or some of the many daily cultural events.

Having fun in Chicago

The city has a vibrant night scene. With its many nightclubs and live concerts, Chicago never gets boring! Dining in Chicago is a great experience as well, and not as expensive as you may think. Whether you prefer eating out in a Michelin star restaurant or grabbing a bite from an outdoor vendor, Chicago will surprise you!

Getting around after moving to Chicago

“The city that works” is easy to get around. With its great public transportation system, cabs and water taxis, the average commuting time in Chicago is 31.2 minutes. The city is also the home to 2 international airports.Therefore direct flights to almost anywhere and traveling interstate will be easy!

The sports in Chicago

people watching baseball after moving to Chicago
Chicago loves its teams!

If you are a sports fan there is probably no need to convince you about perks of living in Chicago. The Bears, The White Sox, The Cubs, The Chicago Blackhawks… Not to mention college sports. Chicago is a sports mecca!

The water- Lake Michigan and Chicago River

You will probably never be more than a few minutes away from 26 miles of beautiful beaches after moving to Chicago. Lake Michigan offers many fun outdoor activities to its visitor. If swimming and water sports ever get boring, you can always cycle, run or enjoy the view on its coast.

Saint Patrick’s day at the Chicago River is something else! Seeing the river turn green gets the whole city in a celebratory mood. Besides being famous for the change of color and a reversed course, the river offers an amazing view. Therefore, we recommend you visit some of the many restaurants at the river banks and enjoy the Chicago skyline.

Chicago in numbers

Let us, also, take a quick look at Chicago in numbers:

  • The 3rd largest metropolitan area in the U.S.
  • 10 million people live in the area.
  • $984 will be your average monthly rent after moving to Chicago.
  • 1780 was the year of city’s settlement.
  • 234.14 square miles is the size of the city area.
  • $51.600 is the average annual salary.
  • 31.2 minutes is the median commuting time.
  • 2 high ranking universities are in Chicago.

Moving to Chicago- the relocation process

Getting ready to pack your bags and move to Chicago? Congrats!

However, there are few steps you should consider following. In order to have a stress-free relocation to Chicago, you will need to make a plan. Relocation is never a small step. Even if you are just relocating to another neighborhood, you will need to ensure you have a plan. Also, a safe transport should be a top priority. The best way to keep track of your moving process is to have written down plan.

The moving plan for a Chicago relocation

The very first thing you should do is to hire a reputable moving company that will provide you with high quality moving services. Having the help of a professional mover will let you avoid the moving hell. A moving company can take care of the whole relocation process for you. This goes for everything from packing, loading and unloading the trucks. Also the paperwork, permits and moving insurance.

How to pack when relocating to Chicago

Simple tasks as labeling the boxes often get overlooked. Make sure you follow few basic yet important moving tips during the packing process:

Make a packing plan and gather enough packing supplies.
Labeled moving boxes for a Chicago relocation
Prioritize when packing!

Packing your boxes properly is the key to having your belongings travel unharmed. If you decide to pack on your own make sure you pay a close attention to breakable items. Prioritizing is essential when packing for a move. Don’t overpack and consider getting rid of the things you don’t need.  Donate or give away the things you no longer use.

In order to have your items untacked, you will need to focus during the actual packing. You can always consider using your towels or clothes as the packing material. However, keep in mind that washing them after the move might prevent it from being a money-saving idea. Visit your local stores and ask for the boxes they don’t need. Also, consider buying some affordable boxes and packing materials. This way you will ensure your valuables are safe and sound.

Label, label, label!

Make sure your boxes are labeled properly. In addition to making the unpacking process quick, it will let your movers pay attention to the fragile items.

Make enough time

Every relocation plan should be personalized to your own needs. Therefore, start planning few months ahead. Moving to Chicago will be an interesting and fun process. Making enough time to plan it will make it stress-free. In addition to avoiding the moving hell, this will provide you with the opportunity to remember and fulfill any necessary tasks.