Tips to Reduce Stress When Moving an Elderly Parent

Moving is a big change in every person’s life. However, as we get older, it becomes even more difficult and stressful. Also, at some point in life, we start taking care of our parents, and when the time comes for them to move, we often wonder how to do it without stress and problems. Even though it is difficult when moving an elderly parent, there are ways to reduce stress and make the process smooth and easy.

hands of an elderly person
Moving an elderly parent can be a stressful time

Why move?

The biggest problem is getting an older person to move. Since they have probably lived at their current home for a while now, they will not accept the fact they should move very easily. The reasons for the move are many:

  • finance– your parents are maybe no longer able to pay the bills for a big house, so moving them to a smaller one might be a better solution.
  • health – if your parents have any health problems, you may want to move them closer to you.
  • they need any other kind of help around the house or taking care of themselves.

Talk about the move

It is common that seniors are seriously attached to their old home, especially if they have been living there for ages. That’s why they may say no to the move at first. You need to understand their emotional state and choose a careful approach to the situation. The best way to do this is through open communication. Try to explain the reasons for moving and how it is going to happen. However, be considerate of their own choices, and hear about their needs and wishes. Choose the new home together and be involved in the process as much as you can.

Plan everything in advance

As you may know, moving an elderly parent can’t happen overnight. It is a process that should be organized in details and planned in advance. Here, communication is the key, too. Seniors need to be informed about the new home, and you should talk about each room, how it is going to be furnished, etc. The more they are involved in the process, the sooner will they accept the changes. Therefore, you will be able to relocate them with less stress. Moving to a different city is a big change. Especially if you are moving to a city completely different from the old one. For seniors, changing the lifestyle is sometimes harder than you think. However, if you are moving to Fort Wayne, learn how to move stress-free.

Compare the floor plans

The best way to familiarize with the new home is comparing floor plans. Your parents should be able to see how their new house is going to look like and decide where their favorite furniture is going to be placed. If possible, visit the house together, and let them imagine their future life there. Even though younger people can move and adjust in no time, with seniors the process is much slower. You should always have that on your mind.

Ask your family to help you with moving an elderly parent

It would be a great thing if some of your family members or close friends can help you with the move. There are many moving mistakes people make, and one of them is not asking for help. Moving an elderly parent surely is a lot of work so a couple of helping hands would be amazing. But why we suggest asking somebody you and your parents know very well? Sometimes, seniors are mistrustful when it comes to people they don’t know helping them around the house. So, call some family members to help you and make a nice family gathering while packing or cleaning the house.

Downsize the items you are moving

This is probably the hardest part. Moving an elderly parent means you need to go through their items and organize them for the move. That should include some decluttering and downsizing. However, seniors are often strongly attached to the everything they own, so this process may be a bit hard to do. Be sensitive and allow them to keep the items they really love. You should be considerate of their feelings and talk to them about the items and choose together what are the thing you can get rid of. You can always sell or donate, and therefore reduce the packing time, but also the moving costs.

woman holding a camera
Sometimes, memories are important when moving an elderly parent, so be sure to save them.

Rent a storage unit

If you see while sorting out things for selling or donation, that your loved parents are not able to part ways with some of the items or the furniture, we have a solution for you. It may be a good idea to rent a storage unit to place the things that can’t go to the new home. Check out storage units Fort Wayne for a safe place to store your items. This way you will remove them from the new home, but save them and keep your parents happy.

Hire professionals when moving an elderly parent

A professional moving company will be your life-saver when moving an elderly parent. They can help you with the packing and loading, so you can focus on your parents rather than carrying the boxes. Be sure to get a trustworthy mover that will provide you with the best moving services. This way moving an elderly parent will be much easier and stress-free.

Organize the moving day

Prepare for the moving day in advance. Think about the transportation of your loved ones, especially if they have any health issues. Be sure to get an easily accessible vehicle that is comfortable for them to travel.

Find a new doctor

Moving an elderly parent to a new city requires you to find a new doctor. You should definitely do this before the move. Also if possible, arrange an appointment with the new doctor as soon as you move, so your parents can feel safe and peaceful in the new city.

moving an elderly parent is sometimes stressful - man reading newspaper
When moving an elderly parent, it is important to be considerate of their feelings and stay positive!

Stay positive!

Having a positive attitude will help you move your loved ones easily! So stay positive and have a safe trip!