What to look for in a family-friendly home

Whether you are an individual or not, moving is a very stressful and delicate process to go through. Both cases have their advantages and disadvantages. When you are single and moving away, then you have more freedom in choosing your new home. Still, being single may not be working for you and you may be craving for a family of your own. On the other hand, when you are moving with your family, you have to look for a family-friendly home. This is not an easy task whatsoever. On the other hand, you have your family to help you with that.

When there is more than one person moving, then that it is a group decision. You will all have to work as a team as organizing and executing a move is not an easy task. This means that your communication is going to have to be on the highest possible level. This also means that you are probably going to have hire professionals to help you. Wherever you may be going, every part of the USA has their own moving companies. If you are looking for residential movers Mishawaka-based, or for a moving company that operates in Alaska for instance, you will surely find them. Their help will be invaluable and they will make your move a lot easier. Still, whatever the plan, you are going to have to look for a family-friendly home.

A house with a lawn in front
Having careful movers that will not trample all over your neighbor’s lawn and flowerbed will make them positively disposed towards you

Set your priorities straight

Before you decide that you are moving, you should make yourself a list of priorities. How to do this? Well, you should make a three-level list of categories. In the first category, you should put all of the key features that you are looking for in a home. So, for instance, you want a school and a high school in close proximity, because you have kids. Next, you want to have several supermarkets close by also. Maybe you want to have at least one more floor, besides the ground floor? Things like this should be in the first category.

In the second category, you should list all the things that are still very important for you, but that you could, if need be, live without. For instance, you are moving to Chicago because you got yourself an amazing new job. While that is by itself a great thing, you still want to live close to work, right? Well, then that is one of your priorities. However, what if you have to choose between the school or your job being close, what would you choose? Usually, the answer is “the school”, which is why we put it in the first column. In the third category, you put optional extra features, like your building having an elevator etc.

So, what do we look for in a family-friendly home?

For starters, you should be looking for quality educational establishments. This has to be on top of your list of priorities. Research the school districts in detail. Ask around for extra information. Scan the Internet. Make sure that you are sending your child to the best possible school. When you identify several schools in several neighborhoods, this will make your hunt for a family-friendly home a lot easier, as you will be able to focus on specific areas. Bear in mind, however, one thing. Apartments in neighborhoods with top-quality schools tend to have bigger prices. Also, they are often gone from the market really fast, so you will have to be on your toes the whole time.

People having a lunch and toasting
A nice party will surely put you on the right track with your neighbors.

How big of a house are you going to need?

This is a really important question. To answer it, you will have to think carefully about the future of your family. Have you recently married? If so, are you even planning to have kids and if so, how many? If you are planning on starting a family, then you will probably want to get a bigger home. A place for extra storage for all your children’s things and enough room for them to play is always welcome. Also, if your kids are all grown up and are planning to start families of their own, a bigger house is a must. On the other hand, if your children are planning to move away and found homes of their own, perhaps you won’t be needing such a big home after all.

The floor plan

The floor plan is also a very important factor here. How many bedrooms do you have? It is always great if you have a spare one for when the guests arrive. Also, how many bathrooms are there in your potential home? If it is to be a family-friendly one, then you want to have at least two. The reason is simple. Imagine 10 people living in the same house (no matter how spacious it may be), with just one bathroom. Does not really sound like fun, does it? Do you want to have your own peace, away from kids? Then you might want to find a home where you can have your own bedrooms on opposite sides of your home.

The number of rooms is one of the things to watch out for when looking for a family-friendly home
The floor plan of the house is very important

The safety is also important

If you have young children, or you are about to get them, then you might want to stay away from houses with staircases. Also, you might want to avoid houses with potentially unsafe balconies. However, it is not just the insides of the house that you have to worry about. When looking for a family-friendly home, you have to pay attention to the outside as well. Is your backyard safe? Are there any potential holes that they might fall in, like a pool for instance? It is also best to have a fenced-in home, particularly if your kids are really young. That way you can take much better care of them.

Also, you should check out the neighborhood. You might be able to get some data over the Internet. Sometimes, it is also possible to get information about the crime rate in a particular neighborhood from the local police station. You will surely want to know ahead of time if you have any bad neighbors. This is a really important thing to look for when hunting a family-friendly home, as you don’t want to raise your kids in an area where you can’t stop thinking about their safety whenever they got out.