What to look for in the perfect Fort Wayne house?

With a population of over 260,000, Fort Wayne IN is the second most populous city in the state. Thanks to job good opportunities and other efforts to revitalize the city, it is expected to reach 300,000 residents in the near future. If you are one of those future residents, you’ll need a place to live. It is time to start looking for the perfect Fort Wayne house.

Is Fort Wayne affordable?

The answer is yes. Affordability is one of the biggest perks of living in Fort Wayne. With low food and gas prices, low taxes, and affordable housing, this is a perfect place for those with a tighter budget. In fact, an average resident spends only 22.80 percent of income on living costs. The average income in this town is $42,250.

A calculator and some metal coins on a white surface.
Do not start looking for a perfect Fort Wayne house before establishing your budget.

Fort Wayne has various houses to offer. Since they come in all shapes, sizes, and prices, every family can find something to meet their criteria. Fort Wayne is recognized as one of the cities with the most affordable real estate, not only in Indiana but also in the whole country and even internationally. The median home value is $99,800. If by any chance Fort Wayne is not the perfect city for you, there are many other good places to buy a home in Indiana.

The criteria for choosing the perfect Fort Wayne house

Location is crucial

It is said that the location is the most important criterium when purchasing a house. Almost everything else can be fixed one way or another but the location stays the same. You cannot force annoying neighbors to move or stop traffic around your house. Therefore, be wise when picking a location.

What to pay attention when searching for the perfect Fort Wayne house

  • Take into consideration the proximity of your work, public transportation, your child’s school, etc. Of course, the closer you live, the better. Still, decide how much commuting time you are willing to sacrifice for a perfect Fort Wayne house.
  • Also, pay attention to the noise. If peace and quiet is a priority for you, you should not move next to a noisy street, a nightclub or a kindergarten. Your neighbors or their pets can be noisy, too.
  • Although not crucial, a nice view would be a huge plus.
  • The neighbors are the trickiest part. You cannot really know them until you’ve lived there long enough. So, try to get to know the neighbors beforehand, at least a little bit.

Safety first

Safety is a very important factor when choosing a location. Unsafe neighborhoods should be avoided at all costs. Not only should you stay away from areas with higher crime rates but also those with more frequent traffic accidents.

Be realistic about the size of the perfect Fort Wayne house

Everyone wishes to live in a huge mansion, right? A big house could be the envy of your friends and neighbors. In a big house, there’s enough space to have the rooms you’ve always wanted – a gym, a game room, a home office. But is it worth it? A few more rooms, some of which you will rarely use, add to your monthly expenses. In addition, more money will be spent on furniture and occasional repairs. Soon, you would realize that money could be put to better use.

A perfect Fort Wayne house - a few windows, the roof, and a clear, blue sky
A perfect Fort Wayne house should not be too big nor too small.

So, decide what the luxuries you can afford are. If you spend a lot of time at home or like to invite guests over, there should be more space – if not, a smaller, cozy house is quite enough. One extra multi-purpose room would be a nice idea, but do not exaggerate.

Moreover, think about storage space. Is there enough space for all your stuff? In case your new house cannot fit all your belongings, using storage services IN would be the best solution.

Functional doors and windows

A home should get enough light and sunshine. Pay attention to which side each window is facing and how bright the rooms are at different times of the day. Moreover, airtight doors and windows can significantly reduce your utility costs, especially during cold winters. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of doors and windows, you don’t necessarily have to give up the house, just replace them as soon as possible.

A backyard is a perfect addition for your Fort Wayne home

Though it may not be a priority, a home is not perfect without a backyard. If you have a green thumb, make sure it is suitable for your hobby. On the other hand, having a yard means more work, especially if you have leaves to collect of grass to cut. Also, make sure it is safe for your pets and small children. Plan to get rid of any potential dangers, such as fences that are sharp or easy to jump over, holes, etc.

The backyard of a perfect Fort Wayne house.
Having a nice, spacious backyard sounds perfect, but involves hard work and additional expenses.

Overall design and practicality

A good Fort Wayne house has to fit your lifestyle. Here are a few more things you could take into consideration:

  • What’s your favourite house style – Tudor, Victorian, Colonial, Contemporary, etc?
  • How many repairs are you willing to take upon yourself to make the house perfect?
  • Are there many stairs to climb in/around your new home?
  • If you own vehicles – is there a garage?
  • If you’re relocating to Indiana with pets – is your new house pet-friendly?

Finally, try to think ahead.

  • Do you plan to expand your family or are your children about to leave the nest?
  • Think about the garage – will more family members have a car in the future?
  • Do you wish to grow old here?

In conclusion, moving to Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a decision you won’t regret and finding a perfect house should not be difficult if you know what to look for. One more thing – once you have found your perfect Fort Wayne house, let one of the movers Fort Wayne offers take care of your residential relocation. Hiring a company experienced in moving houses to and from Fort Wayne is the safest way to avoid unexpected complications with your move. That would be all. We hope you find your ideal home. It’s time for Fort Wayne house hunting!