What to wear on moving day

So the moving day is here. All the preparations and organizing are leading up to this point are over. Now, all that remains is the move itself. So it’s a good idea to keep your wits about you and remember all of the final items on your to-do list. Certainly, one of the more important ones is deciding what to wear on moving day. While this question might seem simple enough, you may be surprised to realize it’s not quite so. So, read on to take a more in-depth look into what to wear on moving day?


As with everything else concerning your move, planning is key. “What is there to plan in picking your outfit?” you might ask. A lot, actually. Here are some important things to take into account:

When is the move

The first and most important question is when your move is taking place? Naturally by “when” we don’t mean at what time. We mean at what season. Moving in the winter will mean a different wardrobe will be at your disposal than if your move is taking place during a warmer time, like summer. It also means you will possibly be facing different hurdles corresponding to the season – like heat in the summer, rain in the spring and autumn and cold in the winter. Also, the weather might change in the middle of your move. Especially if you’re moving long distance.  Local movers Mishawaka told us that they’ve seen a lot of cases where people chose what to wear on moving day with fashion, instead of practicality, in mid. Suffice to say this is not advisable.

A person browsing their shirts
Chose what to wear on moving day depending on the forecast, not fashion!

Instead, you should keep an eye on the weather, in advance. Pay attention to the forecast for the whole week. Then prepare a few alternative outfits corresponding to the possible weather on the move date. Furthermore, check right before the moving date to pick one of the outfits that you’ve prepared. Additionally, many of the weather websites now offer satellite imagery. Use this to keep an eye on those pesky clouds that may suddenly bring bad weather to your move.

Who is doing the moving

Another important thing to consider when deciding what to wear on moving day is who will be doing all the heavy lifting. If you’ve decided to hire one of the professional moving companies that offer packing services, you can afford to focus on looks while having only weather in mid. However, if you have decided to conduct the move on your own, you must take that into account when deciding on what to wear on moving day. It’s not just about keeping your favorite shirt or pair of jeans safe from being damaged in the moving process. Conducting the move yourself brings additional points to keep in mind, that you don’t have to worry about when your move is being handled by professionals.

What kind of items are being moved

Deciding on what to wear on moving day doesn’t only concern coordinating them to match the weather or if you’re doing the moving yourself or you’ve hired professional help. Besides these two concerns, ask yourself, are there any specifics to the items you’re moving that might affect your moving day outfit. If you’re moving an aquarium with fishes, for example, you will want to avoid wearing shoes that can soak up in case of spillage. Similarly, certain items like oil paintings can leave a mark on your clothes when you move them.

Picking the right clothes to wear on moving day

Now that we looked through some important points to keep in mind, it’s time to dig into the specifics:

General tips

First let’s look at some tips that apply to all kinds of moves, no matter the season of the move. When deciding on what to wear on moving day, pick well-fitting clothes. Clothes that are too tight will restrict your movement, making it hard to partake in the moving process. Also if your move will include traveling to your new home that would take more than an hour, wearing tight clothes won’t let you feel comfortable when traveling. This only adds to the fatigue of the moving day. On the other hand, avoid wearing clothes that are loose. Especially if you will be doing the packing and relocating yourself. In this case, the excess fabric will only get in your way.

Clothes on hangers in a row. When deciding what to wear on moving day pick clothes with practicality in mind.
Pick well fitting yet comfortable clothes for the move.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to avoid wearing light-colored clothes, like whites. They can easily get stained even if you hired professional movers – the process just can get that messy. Additionally, yet in the same vein, if you’re doing the moving yourself, consider picking an outfit for the moving day that you won’t be too sad to see damaged. After all, even if you pay extra care, the move can lead to your clothes getting snagged, stained or otherwise damaged. Finally, it’s a good idea to wear something with a lot of pockets, to store all the small items that you will be carrying on your person during the moving day.

Season-specific tips

We’ve already talked about consulting the forecast when deciding on what to wear on moving day. However, here are also some season-specific tips you might find useful:

  • Spring – dress in several layers of light clothing that will keep you ready for both sudden rain and able to shed some of them in case of warm weather.
  • Summer – wear natural fabrics like cotton, instead of artificial fabrics, to let your skin breathe. According to the forecast prepare an umbrella in case of a summer shower. If you will be conducting the move, apply sunscreen to exposed parts of your body.
  • Autumn – similar to spring, dress in layers and be prepared for the eventual rain. Also stay aware of the fact that the temperature might drop significantly during when the sun goes down.
  • Winter – wear warmer layers of clothing to ward off the cold, but try and pick items that will not obstruct your movement. Prepare a hat, gloves and winter shoes.

Regardless of the season, if you’re doing the moving yourself, try to keep as much of your skin covered as you can. Go for long-sleeved shirts and pants, instead of t-shirts and shorts/skirts, even in the summer. This will help you stay protected from any cuts and splinters that might occur when conducting the move yourself.

What kind of shoes should you wear on moving day

Another important choice, when deciding what to wear on moving day, is picking the right shoes. No matter the season, you want to avoid loose shoes like flip-flops or open-toe shoes. Also, avoid heels as they certainly won’t help you during the moving process. Try to pick shoes that will keep your feet protected, while also being comfortable to wear.

Packing a change of clothes

Last but not least, it is very smart to pack a change of clothes for the moving day. Even if you’re just moving locally, you wouldn’t want to be left in a tight spot if your one moving day outfit gets ruined. Pack a change of clothes for this eventuality and try to do so in a backpack, if you have one. The idea here is to leave your hands free while carrying the change of clothes.

Backpack on a bench
Backpacks leave your hands free, making them an ideal choice.

Coming prepared

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with our tips on what to wear on moving day, we are confident you are prepared to tackle the move, head on. Just remember to plan every aspect of the move, including this one in advance and keep your cool. Once the move is done you can focus on fashion once more. For now, functionality is key.