Why use a portable storage container?

Moving is generally quite a stressful endeavor. There are numerous ways of how to do it and it can be very daunting. Some people choose to do it on their own. Others hire professionals to ease their move. However, if you are not particularly keen on either option, you might consider using a portable storage container. Many have started noticing the benefits of using portable storage containers during their move. Here are just some of the reasons why.

What’s a portable storage container?

A storage container is basically a storage unit that can be picked up and left off wherever you deem fit. It is usually quite large and you can usually put most, if not all, your possessions inside. This is particularly useful when you need to move long distance. Some companies, such as long distance movers Indiana, have such units in their offer. With their experience, they can make your long-distance move seem much easier and less stressful. However, many have even started using portable storage containers even for shorter moves simply due to their convenience. People use them for moving house, apartments and even when relocating businesses.

When the portable storage container is dropped off at your location, you can hire professionals to load it. You can also do it yourself or enlist the help of your friends whenever it is convenient for you. Once you’ve finished, it can stay at the location, you can move it or place it in a warehouse, to be used whenever you need it.

Advantages of a portable storage container

Using a portable storage container is actually a good way to decrease the stress of the move. It is convenient, relatively cheap and it provides you with all the time you may need to go about it. Here are just some advantages of using a portable storage container:

  • It is flexible.
  • It’s quite affordable. 
  • It is very secure.

It is one of the most flexible ways of moving

You can usually rent a portable storage container for whatever period you may need it. Sometimes you are unable to move all of your things into your new home. Other times, there are changes of plans and schedule of the move, depending on various factors. If you have enlisted the help of a professional moving company, that can mean constantly rearranging the schedule. However, if your friends are helping you move, that can create a strain in your relationship.

Portable storage container is useful when you need flexibility
You may need to change your schedule a few times

Instead of constantly rescheduling, rent a portable storage container. You can rent it for days, weeks and even months. It means working at your own pace. It also means that you can extend the renting period more easily. They are useful for any locations and for any periods of time. This is usually included in the many moving services professional moving companies offer.

However, that is not the only way such units can be flexible. You can choose the size of the portable storage container, depending on your needs. One container can hold as many items as you need them to. They range from those quite small to those that can basically hold your entire household. Choose one (or several) that best fits your needs.

It is quite affordable

You probably know that the cheapest way of moving is to do it on your own. You ask some friends or family members to help you and that’s it. However, when it comes to the actual move, that is not actually the best way. Most of your friends and family are probably inexperienced in such things. Hiring a portable storage container is actually quite a professional way of moving for a lower price. Also, it is truly one of the cheapest options there are.

Two people holding a piggy bank
Using portable storage containers is quite affordable

A professional moving company, such as residential movers Mishawaka, comes to your home, drops the container off. Later, it simply picks it up and moves to the location of your choosing. You only pay for the moving and the rental services. The rental fee and the moving fee are usually quite affordable. You don’t have to use professionals for moving your things. However, that service is also provided in most cases, and with minimal cost.

They are quite secure

Most companies ensure that your things are secure with their portable storage container. Only you are provided with the key to your unit.  So, you can load it, lock it and know that your things are safe until it’s time to unload the container. The units are usually made of tough steel and are waterproof. There is nothing that can harm your things inside. Also, many companies use lockbox systems which means that it is practically impossible to break in.

In addition, when using a portable storage container, you don’t have to worry about whether your things will suffer any unnecessary “jostling”. The container is placed directly on the ground. That means that you don’t have to worry about how to lift something to the back of the truck. Moving trucks use specialized systems that lift the unit and place it on the back of the truck. This minimizes jostling and chances of damaging your things.

Computer screen with security
Portable storage units are usually quite secure

Additional uses for portable storage containers

Even though most people use a portable storage container for moving, there are other uses, as well. For instance, you can use them when you are renovating your home. In that case, you need a place to store your things until the renovation is over. And the unit can be placed right in your backyard. Also, portable containers can be used when you need an additional storage room when you are organizing an event. You can place equipment and supplies in there. This will make event-planning, which is usually quite complex, quite easier!

Last, but not least, even college students can benefit from using a portable storage container. During the summer, there are many things that you don’t need, which you needed in your dorm. And it is possible that your parents are not keen on your things taking up their garage space. Use a portable storage unit for the summer. Your things will be safe and tucked away right on campus or at a facility nearby. Then, when it’s time to go back to college, they can be delivered right back.